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Thread: Setup cannot find Excel.en-us\

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    Setup cannot find Excel.en-us\

    I am not able to install Office 2007 Pro because I am getting the error message written in the title of this thread. Actually, that file does not already exist on my computer but why should it, as I am trying to install Office for the very first time. I have tried to search for some solutions on the net with no working solution and therefore I came here asking for some help? Any ideas? Thanks.

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    Re: Setup cannot find Excel.en-us\

    I was also facing the same issue if I was trying to install Office for Home/Students 2007 on my Dell laptop with Vista. At the startup of the installation it would freeze with a dialog box asking to browser for installation sources. I dont know where am I suppose to browse and its really frustrating for me. Can anyone please help us both?

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