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Thread: Office 2007 missing icons

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    Office 2007 missing icons

    I am using Office 2007 which is running on Windows XP since long without any issues, but recently I checked that the icons have changed, on desktop > start menu > programs listing, to basic generic and on some research some other program icons have also reverted to generic also for Windows Live Messenger, Nokia PC Suite, etc. After checking at the office suite exe files in directory they have the proper icon. If I right click icons and choose properties then it will not let me choose to change icon, but if I am clicking on another programs icon then it appears fine for the option to change icon which is there. If I looked through the icon listing then there were no icons for any of the office 2007 suite in the list, they have just disappeared. Any help?

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    Re: Office 2007 missing icons

    Just run the repair setup. That would be helpful. It looks some recent uninstallation cause the problem. There are still icons present but still you ca run a repair setup and restore all the old settings that you want. That is the best way to fixing errors and issues with Microsoft Office.

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