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Thread: Convert doc to docx

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    Convert doc to docx

    I have Office 2003 on my Desktop and Office 2007 on the new MSI laptop. Now when I try converting Office 2003 .doc file on C:\, it converts fine without any problem. But when I try doing the same on FileShare, It gives me option to “Save As.”

    Any idea why is that so? And how can we make it act as on local C drive?

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    Re: Convert doc to docx

    Most probably it could be the permission issue. Are you logged in as Admin? If the file is from Network, then make sure you have appropriate permission to edit or convert the files.

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    Re: Convert doc to docx

    Nope, there is no permission issue because I’m logged in as Administrator itself and my account is with all Admin rights. So any other guesses why does it say ‘Save As’ from Network Share and not on C drive?

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    Re: Convert doc to docx

    Not sure but I I guess it could be because on a local drive the Original DOC is replaced by the DOCX file, while on the share, the original is left intact. So I think it Windows own behavior for security as the files saved on the network will be used by many and hence if you will convert it what about others?

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