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Thread: How do I find file in Vista, word 2007

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    How do I find file in Vista, word 2007

    There are too many text in file in my system and all of them are blank. I just want to delete them all, i have tried searching for files but nothing comes in the search. Is there any other alternate way of finding all the files and delete them at once?

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    I guess you are talking about the word 2007 default template. They are not named as instead they are named as normal.dotm. Generally these files are hidden and that's the reason they might not be appearing in search. If you want then you can try changing the view settings so that you can view all "Hidden files and folders" or else you can type %appdata%\Microsoft\Templates into the address bar. That's the default location of Normal.dotm files, just check it out and let me know if you are able to delete them in that way.

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