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Thread: Excel loses "Automatic calculation" option

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    Excel loses "Automatic calculation" option

    Normally if I am opening any Excel file and enter some data then I notice that the option to recalculate all formulas automatically clears out. Where I am going actually is Excel Options >> Formulas >> Calculation Options >> Workbook Calculation >> Automatic. I am using windows xp with service pack 3 and having Excel 2007 with SP1 MSO. Any ideas?

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    Excel recalculation settings are not stored as application level settings but are stored in workbooks and this setting is taken from the First workbook it opens. I guess that you are not using a Personal.xls file, so the first file you open might be varying from Excel session to Excel session. If you open this particular workbook first, then Excel takes its recalculation setting from this workbook and it was saved with recalculation set to manual.

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    Re: Excel loses "Automatic calculation" option

    Here's the Microsoft page that explains how Excel operates with respect to Manual and Automatic Calculation.

    Hope this helps.

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