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Thread: Office 2003 - DOCX Plugin

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    Office 2003 - DOCX Plugin

    Iím using Office 2003 on my home desktop computer. I received about 30 Word Document in my mails which are in .docx extension. That means they are in Office 2007 format. So I installed Docx plugin on my system to work with those files. Now when I try to open any of these files it gives me an error message saying ďthere was an error opening the file.Ē The same problem occurs when I try to save the file as well.

    I thought doc converter can fix the problem but it cannot too. Any help on this please?

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    Re: Office 2003 - DOCX Plugin

    Sorry i'm bit confused with your post. Not sure what you mean by the "docx plug-in" - do you mean the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack as here:

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    Re: Office 2003 - DOCX Plugin

    Yeah, that is correct. If you are talking about that compatibility pack the you will need to install all latest Windows Updates on your system. Until you update that compatibility pack will not work.

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    Re: Office 2003 - DOCX Plugin

    You can use this plugin:
    Download from MS:

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