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Thread: Spell check not working in Word 2003

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    Word 2007 Spell check not workign

    I had just done with installation of Microsoft Office 2007. Actually I had upgraded from Microsoft Office 2003 to 2007. Things went fine but there is some issue with the upgrade. It looks that the upgrade is not done properly due to which spell check fails to work. I am bit annoyed with the process. I cannot find out any active solution that can work properly and allow me to enable spell check. I hope there will be some way for the same.

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    I recently got a new Sony Vaio VGN-TZ36GN and downgraded from Vista to XP. Upon loading Office 2003, my spell check in Word does not work. I have set the language to Australian (doesn't work but didn't on the old laptop either), checked all the obvious areas, and still does not pick up anything wrong. Spell check works fine in Outlook. Any ideas? Thanks

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    Re: spell check not working in Word 2003

    It is always recommended that you must perform a clean installation instead of upgrading. Because in upgrade there are chances that some internal system files are not properly overwritten and you get that kind of issue. It is recommended that you perform a proper installation once again. I do not really think running a repair setup will really help you to fixing the issue.

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    English (Australian). When I try and change the default language to Australian in Word, via either default and, it doesn't do it, it keeps defaulting back to US

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    Re: Word 2007 Spell check

    I am having a different problem, I have windows xp spo3 with the latest updates and office 2007 with the latest updates. The spell checker does not work and I cannot even find the en-Us file on the computer. I tried the fix office program but that did not help. Do you have any suggestions. I ahvea lap top with the same programs -is there a file i can copy?

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