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Thread: It is possible to find product key of office

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    It is possible to find product key of office

    I have a laptop. It came pre-installed with Microsoft Office 2007 in it. Now I want some help to find out the product of this Office package. I am not able to locate the same. Because I want to format the system. I am having a setup with me. The key is inside the application because it came activated at the time of purchase. There must be some way to find out the key code.

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    The key is visible when you first launch any office application. For example word. The key is listed on the splash screen. You can capture that and keep it save in your system. I do not think there is any other way available to find out the keys of Microsoft Office. If it came preinstalled then you will need to check beneath the laptop. Many branded system comes with a sticker that has key printed on it. You can use the same to activate the product again.

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    Try to run Belarc Advisor. That will help you in finding out the key. It is correct that you can find the key below the laptop. But if that is not provided then you go with Belarc Advisor. There are number of third party software which will give you more information on the stored keys and you can backup that.

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