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Thread: Long Beep, no post, shut down

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    Long Beep, no post, shut down

    Help! I have a k7vma motherboard with a 1.3 amd processor. It got and upgrade from Microsoft a few weeks ago, SP3. It might just be coincidence, but after that it started shutting down by itself. This lasted about 3days. Then it started rebooting continuously it would get almost to login screen then reboot. Then it stopped trying to reboot it. It turns on makes a long beep and turns off. I removed everything inside and proceeded to try one ram module at a time. No difference. I thought maybe it was my power supply so I put the power supply in a different machine. It does the same thing in other machine but without the beep, it just turns on then off. So i guess its fried. My problem is that even with another power supply I still get one long beep, no post and shutdown on my k7vma.

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    Are you sure that it is only the one long beep? Usually there are additional short beeps after the long one, unless it is the DRAM problem listed here:

    Award and Phoenix BIOS:

    1 short beep: Normal
    2 short beeps: CMOS error
    1 long and 1 short beep: DRAM error
    1 long and 2 short beeps: Video card error
    1 long and 3 short beeps: Keyboard error, or video card error
    1 long and 9 short beeps: ROM error
    Long continuous beeps: DRAM not installed correctly, bad memory, or incompatable
    Short continuous beeps: Bad power supply


    none power supply, motherboard, or PC speaker is no good.
    1 short system RAM Refresh failure.
    2 short memory error
    3 short same as 2 beeps; follow diagnosis above.
    4 short system timer error
    5 short cpu Failure. Replace the CPU or possibly the motherboard.
    6 short keyboard error
    7 short cpu or motherboard error
    8 short video card error
    9 short rom checksum error
    10 short cmos error
    11 short cache memory error
    1 long, 3 short memory test failure.
    1 long, 8 short Display test failure

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    Thanks for the answers guys but it was such a stupid thing. My board will reboot if the fan is not functioning K7vma 1.0e .

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    See the Guide - How to update your BIOS ? for your reference.

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