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Thread: Core i7 2600K: Missing IGPU bios settings

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    Core i7 2600K: Missing IGPU bios settings

    I have a computer with Intel Core i7 2600K as the processor in it. I have never overclocked my system any time and still it is giving me problems. Till last week my PC was working normally until today suddenly my PC wouldn’t boot up. I cleaned the RAM thinking that it might help me but nothing happened. So I got my friend’s RAM and tried again but the PC failed to boot. I played with the XMP profile which I enable and disabled. But all these attempts failed. One of my friends suggested that since you are getting blank screen, maybe the problem is with the Graphic processor. So I checked the settings in the BIOS only to find that IGPU BIOS settings weren’t present there. Can someone explain me this?

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    Re: Core i7 2600K: Missing IGPU bios settings

    It is good that you realized early that your processor is not overclocked. Because when I talk with my certain clients for whom I repair their PCs, they blame all the problems on overclocking. Actually the Intel Core i7 2600K processor that you are using has a Memory Controller Hub (MCH) in it. This is the part which controls the memory and thus the processors are able to work along with DDR3 types of parts. Now when you said that you switched the XMP to see if anything changes, you actually changed the value of Serial Presence Detect (SPD). This Serial Presence Detect maintains the minimal values required to operate a system.

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    Re: Core i7 2600K: Missing IGPU bios settings

    Maybe the system is downclocked and thus you are getting this problem. Not that you have done it purposely maybe some problem has affected the processor leading from it to not perform properly. I think that you need to clean the pins of the processor as some dust might have been accumulated on them. This must be causing it from not being able to start. Also check if the temperature in your PC is right or is it more than needed.

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    Re: Core i7 2600K: Missing IGPU bios settings

    I think that this problem must be related to improper power distribution in your computer. Maybe the PSU is not supplying enough power to the system that is making the things work properly. For example, the processor must be consuming power more than it needs. This must be creating situation where the graphic card must not be getting enough power to give proper display.

    Similarly there can be various cases where one peripheral must be consuming more power than other and leading to under performance of your system. I suggest that you check your system with different PSUs maybe it will help you.

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