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Thread: High temps with Intel i7-3930K

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    High temps with Intel i7-3930K

    I am using an Intel i7-3930K processor in my computer which is attached on MSI X79A-GD65 motherboard. After few days of use, I noticed that the processor was overheating. The temperature would rise up to 80 degree Celsius. Actually at that time I was using cooling fans along with some heat sinks for cooling. I thought that since the processor was new it must be releasing normal amount of heat, but my CPU cabinet being old cannot provide enough air flow for heat to go outside the CPU cabinet. So to control the heat, I used water cooling system, but still the heat wouldnít decrease. Can someone tell me why this is happening?

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    Re: High temps with Intel i7-3930K

    If the region in which you live has high temperature, then it might happen that temperature of the processor will seem high to you. You must provide a CPU cabinet that can provide a good airflow to get the heated air inside the CPU cabinet out of it. Also Intel i7-3930K releases a good amount of heat that needs to be controlled. You can apply new layer of thermal paste inside the CPU cabinet to absorb the heat that is produced in the CPU cabinet. But first you will need to clean the existing old thermal paste using the alcohol and wiping it out. Try it out, if it works, then it will reduce the temperature of the processor by around 10 degree Celsius. Also apply some thermal paste on the water cooling system so that it too provides a better cooling.

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    Re: High temps with Intel i7-3930K

    Intel i7-3930K has 6 cores in it. At the highest performance, it will use 4 cores. Even when the 4 cores are being used, it doesnít release heat that will create temperature of 80 degree Celsius. It may be possible that Intel i7-3930K that you purchased must be factory overclocked. Due to this the processor must be using 5 cores at a time even when not needed. This excess use of the processor must be leading to generation of heat inside the CPU cabinet. Ask the vendor or the manufacturer about the processor and if you find it overclocked, then you can get it changed for a normal one. Another option is that you can get the processor downclocked so that the amount of heat released will be reduced.

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    Re: High temps with Intel i7-3930K

    If you are going for Thermal paste, see to it that you are applying it uniformly all over the flat surface properly. You shouldnít leave any excess granules or bumps in the layer of this thermal paste. Also see to it that you donít leave any air bubbles under the layer. To achieve such a clean layer of thermal paste, you should use a ruler or blade to spread the thermal paste. This will ensure that the paste is properly flattened and gives no problems.

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    Re: High temps with Intel i7-3930K

    As you mentioned that you are using the water cooler in your computer to control the heat, I would recommend you to check the flow pipes that you are using along with it. Many times if the pipes get folded around at some section, it will stop the flow of the water or liquid to that part. Also see to it that the pipes of the water cooling system isnít breaking connection in any place or the pipes havenít been moved such that they are touching other peripherals. Check the connections and the joints in the flow of the pipes properly to see if the liquid is not leaking from some place. Many times it happens that while moving the CPU around from one place to another, the internal placements of pipes move away from their assigned positions.

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