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Thread: Downgrading ASUS P8P67 Deluxe REV 3.0 Bios

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    Downgrading ASUS P8P67 Deluxe REV 3.0 Bios

    So now here is some serious question from my side. I wanted to downgrade my ASUS P8P67 Deluxe Rev 3.0 BIOS. Actually just for an experiment I tried to upgrade my motherboard’s BIOS. However I guess I successfully did it but the post upgrade results are not really so great. Right now I am not interested in harming my board with the existing BIOS so now I have planned to downgrade the BIOS version. This time I won’t even try to do I by myself. Therefore I am here to get the problem procedure of downgrading my BIOS. I know I will get the best instruction and solution from nowhere else but here. Please guys help me and let me know corrects steps for downgrading.

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    Re: Downgrading ASUS P8P67 Deluxe REV 3.0 Bios

    Yes, you are right. You will definitely get the best guidance for downgrading your BIOS. And I am the one who will help you in this. Just note down pre-downgrade instructions followed by the main steps of downgrading.
    • The first things you need to do is download and install Asus AI Suite in your computer from internet. Select the module you need to install (Select Asus Update)
    • Also download AMIFLASH Bios Utilities
    • For extracting the BIOS files at some location you need to create a folder in your computer. Better create the folder on your desktop and name it as simple as possible. You can extract the BIOS files in that created folder. Name the folders as BIOS folder
    • Now, Open AMIFLASH zip, inside search for AFUWIN32 and AFUWIN64. You might get them from amiflash\aptio
    • Remember that amongst those files you need to extract only one into the folder that you created by yourself on your desktop. Again note that you need to just extract only one file which matches your OS architecture.
    • Now here start the main steps for downgrading. Open AFUWIN32 or AFUWIN64 whichever is present in your case. The one which you have extracted.
    • Now just follow the instruction as accordingly that is suggested to you. in between the steps you will also get a window with three tabs and in the Instruction tab you will get your bios characteristics described
    • In the same window you will also see some options at the bottom of the page. Just Click on Open and from there choose the BIOS ROM file
    • After you select your BIOS ROM file, in the same information tab you will also get ROM file details along with your BIOS Details
    • Now select the next Tab i.e. the Setup Tab there in the Block option Check on “Program All Blocks”. That’s it.
    • It’s time to click on the next common option called “Flash”. You may find this option next to “Open”. Let the software to Flash and continue with its work (it may take some time and also your machine may respond weirdly. Do not worry, let things go on)
    • You may find NVRAM, BootBlock, Main Bios Image and the Non-critical Blocks getting flashed. If everything done successfully then its fine but if you find your Non-Critical Blocks fails to get updated or verified still I would say do not worry, it is comman. Mostly it happens that while flashing everything goes smooth only the Non-Critical Blocks fails to follow the procedure. Let it be just Exist from there
    • Here comes the job of your installed Asus AI Suite load it and choose Asus Update option
    • There will be four option present over there just click on Update BIOS from File and Click Next
    • Now again choose the extracted BIOS files that you saved in your BIOS folder (AFUWINxxxx). You need to browse to select the file (Browse option is present there)
    • Once selected Click on Yes and let the PC to reboot. The option YES is chosen to allow the system to reboot in order to apply the changes
    • Just after the reboot process you will successfully see the current flashed version

    Done with the procedure. Now you need to do the cleaning process i.e. Clear your CMOS and load the setup Defaults. Your Asus Board is downgraded.

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    Re: Downgrading ASUS P8P67 Deluxe REV 3.0 Bios

    Are you sure the same procedure is applicable for all UEFI boards, especially for P8P68 Deluxe board. yes, I do have a P8P67 Deluxe computer system which I need to downgrade but the problem was that I was not even getting the details and information for the downgrade process. However after a long search I ended up coming over here but even here I don’t think I have got at the right place. You people are discussing about the ASUS P8P67 Deluxe board and I have ASUS P8P68 Deluxe. I know there is not a vast difference between our boards but don’t you think that applying a solution to a slightly different model of board could harm it badly. Guys, be honest and let me know the consequences that could take place if any mistake is committed. I don’t want to take any risk just doing an R&D.

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    Re: Downgrading ASUS P8P67 Deluxe REV 3.0 Bios

    There are major negative effects that can prove harmful to your entire computer system. I am not really sure about the board that you have. Maybe the instructions might work for your board but there could also be lots of major risk while following the steps.

    As far as I can understand the above procedure of downgrading the BIOS is not at all assigned as an official instruction so do not think that you will be claimed with a new board if any think goes wrong. Obviously you will have to take the responsibility if the procedure is not followed properly. The biggest consequence you can face with any mistake could be Dead Motherboard.

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