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Thread: What system needed for 6 Way Sli setup

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    What system needed for 6 Way Sli setup

    This does not look like possible, but I want to know that kind of system actually need to run a 6 way SLi gpu setup. I had seen maximum of 4way sli. Is there any motherboard which comes with 6 gpu slots. That would be an awesome machine and surely the game performance would be unbelievable. I cannot figure out why they are not making 4 way sli more common and cheaper to the users. The thing that mostly matters is configuration. It is far more complicated for use like me to run 3 way sli properly on existing board.

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    Re: What system needed for 6 Way Sli setup

    Check the below list that will be needed to configure a 6 way Sli :
    • A high end motherboard with 6 GPU Slow (Pcie or higher)
    • Atleast Quad Core processor
    • Ram above 8GB (Upto 16GB)
    • 6 Common GPU models of 1GB RAM each.
    • Power Supply more than 1000w
    • Advance Liquid Cooling kit that can draw heat from GPU as well as CPU.
    • Large Ventilation fans as additional support.
    • Atleast 50" or higher LED monitor to get benefit from 6 way Sli.
    • Programs, Games, Videos, etc made for 6 way SLi or large resolution.

    In the above list what do you expect is available. Only the ram and cpu. So this is just a dream and building that system is not a easy cup of tea. You will need to accumulate the best compatible hardware. I had seen a lot issue while configuring 4 way sli on two different gpu models. There were constant blue screens and at last I tried to use my system stable on 2 gpus. It is not really possible in my views. You need a far more better board and high end system to handle that much operation. Also video memory is not really used every time, most of the time your cpu and ram are responsible to carry out various operations. GPU delivers you high quality graphic output. In place of loosing your wealth for making that system just go for a good 2GB gpu which is more than enough. Till yet the gpu manufacturers are not succeeded in giving a stable and simple 4 way SLi setup and you are expecting 6 way on that. Also there is no board yet design to use more than 1 cpu which can carry out more heavy processing.

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    Re: What system needed for 6 Way Sli setup

    You simply cannot first 6 gpu on a board as there are no slots. But there are certain xpanders that can be used for this purpose. Just go on google and try to find some of those models. There are also limitation on using them. You need uniform gpu models and I think maximum you can use upto 4 to 5 gpu. I do not know how they work but there are certain hardware for this. Or simply have a look on EVGA X58 motherboard. You might found something helpful on this board.

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