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Want help to Repaste CPU/GPU with Thermal paste on Dell XPS 17

Motherboard Processor & RAM

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Old 24-05-2012
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Want help to Repaste CPU/GPU with Thermal paste on Dell XPS 17

Well I am looking to repaste CPU and GPU on my Dell XPS 17. But I am not able get how to do the same. It would be really helpful to me if you can guide to fulfill my requirement. I am waiting for your prompt replies. Thanks a lot in advance.

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Old 24-05-2012
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Re: Want help to Repaste CPU/GPU with Thermal paste on Dell XPS 17

Before we getting started, you should have following stuffs handy.
  • Small head screwdriver
  • Lint free cloth
  • 99% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Thermal compound
  • To spread thermal compound get card or some that kind of thing
Start with process placing your laptop at large areas. To avoid any kind of mess, also put all the screws at proper place so that it would be really easy at the time of reassembling your laptop. Here begins the actual steps
  1. Very first thing to do remove AC adapter and battery from the laptop. Simply place your laptop upside down. Simply remove media card if you had installed any.
  2. You should unscrew module cover of RAM and hard drive so that it can be removed. Remove all the memory module from the system by simply pushing side clips.
  3. Now remove hard drive, unscrew optical drive, after removing screws, simply take ‘This side up’ tab and slide the optical drive from plug. You should simply unscrew 3 palm rest screws.
  4. Find out clip on HDD1 bay , simply unhook and press it down. Now turn over the laptop and open display. To remove plam rest, simply push clip. You should do this particular thing very carefully, take as much as time to do it. Carefully remove cables that are connected with motherboard.
  5. After that you will need to remove keyboards from the system. There would be 4 screws which are located at towards the screen on the top. Remove the cable which are connected with keyboards and Palm rest. Also remove antenna cables and remove the card itself by unscrewing their screws.
  6. You should unplug display cable and screws which are located at top side of the corner, now remove 4 screws of display hinges. If you are having any Bluetooth cable simply unplug the same. After that remove all the screws which are holding cover of the laptop. Also turn around the laptop and remove all the screws holding bottom cover of the device.
  7. Huge care should be taken while separating top and bottom cover. Once you had removed the same you will see heatsink. You should remove heatsink by unscrewing all screws. Also remove GPU and CPU along with heatsink.
  8. Use a cloth to remove all the dust from CPU and GPU also you can make use of isopropyl alcohol clean thermal paste from heatsink. Once you wiped it, apply thermal paste at the corner of CPU and spread it off by using card. No need to apply large amount of thermal paste. The process would remain same for GPU as well.
  9. Once you have completed, remove remaining thermal paste. Well you can make use of Isopropyl Alcohol to remove it. Perform all the steps in reverse direction while reassembling the laptop.
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