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Thread: MSI 785GM-E51 cannot start after connecting memory modules

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    MSI 785GM-E51 cannot start after connecting memory modules

    I am using the MSI 785GM-E51 motherboard and having three memory modules. Problem is that when I connect all the memory modules in the board then the system is not working. I am running windows 7 in it. I donít know that if this problem is with the memory module or motherboard. I am to very expert in computers so cannot troubleshoot this problem on my own.

    I am posting this problem over here with the hope that I will get better replies from the users over here. Please help me friends.

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    Re: MSI 785GM-E51 cannot start after connecting memory modules

    There might be some problem with any one of the memory module that you are using and so it is not working. What you can do is, connect each memory module one by one and check which module is having problem. First connect the first one and try to boot the system, it booted properly then connect another one keeping the first one on the board itself. Keep in the same way for other modules as well. In case, it at some point it failed to boot then it will indicate that the problem is with the last added memory. This is the best way to get the RAM which is culprit for this reason. Now donít connect that module in board and work with other two. If you need then you can get another memory to replace the corrupted one. Anyways, it is always good to have less memory modules to get the best performance.

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    Re: MSI 785GM-E51 cannot start after connecting memory modules

    It is very important to set the frequency to 1066 earlier than you install memory stick on the board. If this is not done then you might get the errors like this. Other than this, you must ensure that the all the memory modules that you are using is of the same type in specification. If they are different in any of the property then also there is possibility for such issues. So these are the primary things that you need to check in the cases like this.

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    Re: MSI 785GM-E51 cannot start after connecting memory modules

    What are the additional hardware that you have connected with your computer. If any of the hardware is faulty then that might create problem for you. Just disconnect all the hardware from your computer and try to boot the computer. If that booted safely then this is not the problem with the RAM or motherboard. There is something wrong with some of the hardware. Now connect them one by one in the same way mentioned above to check RAM and see which device is creating problem for you.

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