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Thread: Graphics driver for MSI AE2420

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    Graphics driver for MSI AE2420

    I am having the MSI AE 2420 with windows 7 installed in it. I want to update the drivers of the MSI AE2420. I want to update the graphics driver specially. I am getting an error while I am playing a game or doing some work. I get error that the driver has stopped working and need to be restarted. The system works fine but got frustrated with this popup message. Does any have solution for this problem?

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    Re: Graphics driver for MSI AE2420

    I think that you are right that the problem is with the graphics driver and you really need to update the drivers. I have recently purchased the MSI AE2420 and having no issues in using the system. In fact I am quite impressed with the system. But as you are saying than I think that I will also have the same error in the future so I also need to update it. Update the drivers online and then I think that your problem will be resolved.

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    Re: Graphics driver for MSI AE2420

    I was having the same issue in my system. I didnít know anything regarding the drivers. When I discussed this problem with my friend then he told me to reinstall the driver. I uninstalled the driver form the MSI AE2420 and then again reinstall the driver. The uninstall and reinstall procedure worked for me. I think that you should also try reinstalling the graphics driver in your MSI AE2420. This can solve your problem.

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