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Thread: How to run two displays on Intel DZ68BC?

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    How to run two displays on Intel DZ68BC?

    Hello friends, I am having Intel Core i5-2500K chio and also the stock integrated ports. I want to run two display on this Intel Desktop Board DZ68BC. So can somebody over here tell me that how can I do that and what are the things that I will need to have in order to do this? I have never done this before and so have less idea about that. It will be good to have some suggestion from the people who have already done this before.

    I was searching for the same on google but there were no proper instructions for this anywhere on other sites. So can you tell me some way to do that? I will be thankful for all the replies for this.

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    Re: How to run two displays on Intel DZ68BC?

    If you wish to run both the monitors with the DVI-D connections then this is important that you should have a video card which is having support for the dual DVI-D connections. So just check that if your monitor is having the connection options then it will be possible for you to make the connection with couple of the ports on the board. If you want to see the Intel product technical specification then you can get that from their official site and that will clear the limitations. I donít know that which monitor you are using but when I checked the specifications for some of the other models then found that there is variation which is depending on the model number. So it cannot be predicted without knowing the monitors' capabilities.

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    Re: How to run two displays on Intel DZ68BC?

    The presence of multiple screens in a system offers users a variety of configuration options. For example, two screens can operate independently with contents, different resolutions and color intensity in order to increase the space of the desktop. Another possible configuration is to send the same content to different monitors to make a presentation to a large audience.

    Operating systems Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista have enabled support for multiple monitor. The Intel 82945G Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH) for mobile PCs are having many doors for its two pipes. This can support up to two images on different screens. The two images may have different timings and resolutions. The family of chipsets Intel 945GM Express supports Intel Dual Display Clone and Extended Desktop.

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    Re: How to run two displays on Intel DZ68BC?

    I would like to tell you that the graphics engine GMCH is not able to operate in parallel with a graphics device PCI Express outside. The GMCH graphics engine can still operate with a PCI graphics card. There is optional multi-monitor known as Intel Dual Display Clone. Intel Dual Display Clone is utilized to make several displays with the same content and is useful when using screens of different types and sizes. For example, a pipe can direct an integrated LCD screen, while the other pipe directs an overhead analog that is synchronized only on resolutions and refresh specific.

    In Order to activate Dual Display Clone, go through following:

    1. First of all open Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile:
      • Press Ctrl + Alt + F12
      • No click on right mouse button on Windows desktop and choose Graphics Properties
      • Open Windows Control Panel screen and choose Settings> Advanced> Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver from Mobile> Graphics Properties
    2. Now, you will have to activate setting form the Intel Dual Display Clone Video devices section. Select a device as a primary and a secondary device. After this, just click on “Apply”.

    The output display options can also be activated directly from the Windows desktop. Click the right mouse button on an empty area of the desktop to access the options menu graphics. Output options are provided.

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