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Unable to wake from S3 by using keyboard or LAN

Motherboard Processor & RAM

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Old 24-04-2012
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Unable to wake from S3 by using keyboard or LAN

well I am really frustrated with this particular problem and already I searched on the google to get the proper solution but all my attempts were fruitless. The HTPC of mine is getting into sleep mode without having any issue. however I am getting an issue when I am trying to wake my system. in order to wake up I have to press power button. Once it is getting wake up the system of mine starts working without having any issue. hence S3 mode was working without having any issue. there was an issue when system is getting wake up. Previously I was able to wake up my system by using keyboard. But it does not work currently. also wake-on-LAN does not seems to working at all. now I am not able to get what should I do to resolve the issue which I have mentioned over here. any help on this particular matter will be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.

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Old 24-04-2012
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Re: Unable to wake from S3 by using keyboard or LAN

Have you tried to reset CMOS? If still you have not done then simply go through the below mentioned instructions.
  • First of all you have to remove the power cord from main power supply and simply press and hold power button for couple of seconds so that it could drain remaining energy from PSU capacitors.
  • Once you have completed with the same you should remove motherboard battery for several hours.
  • Now connect power cord with main power supply and boot your system.
  • After that you have to press Del key in order to boot your computer and load Optimized BIOS Defaults.
  • Once you have done you should press F10 so that you should save and exit.
  • Now see that the thing is working or not.
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Old 24-04-2012
Join Date: Jul 2011
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Re: Unable to wake from S3 by using keyboard or LAN

If you are using Linux then you should consider below mentioned thing. it would work assuming that power on USB port supposed to be configured through BIOS. You should run below mentioned command
cat /proc/acpi/wakeup
it would help you to get whether USB ports are enabled or not so that it would allow wakeup.
In my situation I have found that PS2 keyboard was enabled. You should also use this particular command in order to enable device on USB0 so that it can wake your system
echo USB0 > /proc/acpi/wakeup
here USB0 supposed to be keyboard. Make sure that you are executing above mentioned command as SU. In case above mentioned command generates results in favor of you than you will need to place couple of scripts so that you can enabled or disable. After that run echo another time to disable the same.
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Old 24-04-2012
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Re: Unable to wake from S3 by using keyboard or LAN

If you are using Windows based system then you should give a try to below mentioned steps.
  1. Click on start button and go for start search box and you have to enter’devmgmt.msc’
  2. Now you have to click on devmgmt.msc from Programs list..

  3. After that click on View menu and go for Devices by connection.
  4. Now you should expand processor node and simply expand Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System.
  5. You have to Expand PCI Bus. You will see that there are number of USB host controllers are listed.

  6. Finally you have to expand every single USB host controller node and all successive subnodes until and unless you have managed to find out the device which is getting failing.

  7. Once you have managed to get the device which was causing issue you should right click on respective USB host controller and click on Properties.

  8. After that click on Details.
  9. You have to select Driver key. The last four digit of the driver key should be as follow.
  10. {36fc9e60-c465-11cf-8056-444553540000}\0002

  11. Now you have to add ForceHCResetOnResume registry value for respective USB host controller.
  12. Click on Start and you have to enter regedit into Start Search box.
  13. Now you have to look for below mentioned registry key.
  14. Code:
  15. Here Four-digit_number supposed to be placeholder for respective USB device
  16. You have to locate registry subkey which I have mentioned previously.
  17. {36fc9e60-c465-11cf-8056-444553540000}\0002, then you must look for
  18. Now you have to click on edit menu and go for new and click on DWORD Value..
  19. You have to enter ForceHCResetOnResume for DWORD and simply press enter.
  20. Right click on ForceHCResetOnResume and click on Modify.
  21. from Value data you have to type 1 and clikc on Ok.
  22. Finally exit Registry Editor and reboot your system.
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Old 24-04-2012
Join Date: Jun 2011
Posts: 263
Re: Unable to wake from S3 by using keyboard or LAN

Well in this particular situation I wanted to share something which would be useful to get the requirement. BIOS supposed to report e wake capabilities of the on board devices you are having like USB host controller. as far as I know there are some system which are having capability to report wake by using S3 system power state. It supposed to be work for the one on-board USB host controller which has been supported. The problem is supposed to occur when other systems is trying to use wake by using S3 system power state for USB host controller. it considers below mentioned factors.
  • It supposed to loss power while S3 system power state is occurring on USB.
  • All false device getting remove and false arrival notifications at the time of resuming from standby.
  • All the usb devices are getting reset at time of suspend and resume.
  • Resuming supposed to failed at the time of S3 system power state.
To avoid the negative impact Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 are having modified power capabilities and it supposed to be returned by the BIOS itself. Hence the system which you are using having support for wake by making use S1 system power state. In case there are no USB device that which has been armed for wake by using system power state. Then your system would simply enter into S3 system power state at the time of standby itself. If your system is having support wake by utilizing USB from S3 system power state. Then it could be modified by using following registry.
USBBIOSx registry can be used for all USB host controllers which you are having on your system. BIOS would provide wake capabilities for all the USB host controllers which are connected with the computer of yours.
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Old 25-04-2012
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Re: Unable to wake from S3 by using keyboard or LAN

First of all you should see that S3 sleep mode has been enabled on the BIOS setup of your motherboard. By default all the motherboards are using S1 mode by default. In case S3 mode is disabled in BIOS then you should enable it. you should also try to run energy report your system and see whether it helps you out or not. You should run below mentioned command with administrative privileges on command prompt.
Powercfg –energy
Also you should see that you have installed the latest version of chipset drivers on your system.
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