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Thread: CPU overheating on ASUS P6T when computer is upright

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    CPU overheating on ASUS P6T when computer is upright

    This is the first time I am seeing this problem with my computer. Actually I am using the ASUS P6T motherboard on my computer in which I have installed a compatible processor. Today I have noticed that all of sudden CPU temp goes above 80 C when the system is Upright and working heavily. When it become idle, the temps drops to mid-40C. if I start something again, the temps goes up and drops down when it is idle. Everything is happening in a fraction of minute. I donít know why the heck it is acting like that.

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    Re: CPU overheating on ASUS P6T when computer is upright

    Are you sure you mount the heatsink properly? It happens very easily that it seems one of the hooks inserted, and yet it is not at all; try pressing the 4 hooks to the motherboard mounted, if you hear a click means that one of the hooks was not fully inserted. Try resetting the CMOS; however, the processor will not burn so easily: it has a thermal protection that turns it off before the heat could damage it. I've now switched again CNQ, However, the CPU temp rises after 5 min in the BIOS is still 35 to 57 C and higher. But it has been resolved with the FAN Target option, although I do not know what the pins are. CNQ and the function is a mystery to me because no matter whether on or off, the CPU is still hot. And also the FAN Target option delays the heat is not development.

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    Re: CPU overheating on ASUS P6T when computer is upright

    Seems a classic problem of overclocking. You better take a look at the motherboard settings put everything by default. Also take away too quick boot so you can see step by step procedure of the BIOS POST, to catch any errors. It also depends on what games and what apps you are running on your computer and how your cooling system is because some people may say games does not need more Graphic power, it requires a lot of power. Then maybe the liabilities, it is getting limited with the gear coming out right now (beginning of new series of components). I know the same problem, namely that DAO uses 100% CPU causing rapid overheating and runaway fan makes a lot of noise. It's very frustrating to run modern games smoothly while there, it is not possible. Generally two things can happen:
    • Your cooler is not fully attached to the processor, so that the temp is going to heaven.
    • Your cooler this very dirty and their rotations are too slow to adequately ventilate the aluminum and / or copper which leads to overheating.

    On the other hand, as explained in various forums about the organization of cables, etc. within the box, like its size, proportionally affect the temp.

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    Re: CPU overheating on ASUS P6T when computer is upright

    I have solved the problem by using the following methods:
    • Pull back the Cooler to make sure you have applied the paste, and if properly applied in the entire surface of the processor.
    • I ensure that the stay cooler properly installed, note that one of the path subject it to the plate, had bent and was a bit weak on that side, with tweezers and patiently put in place now this stay properly installed.
    • Finally got in the BIOS default values and set up everything from 0
    • Note that I do not strip but the error. But even the board still has those values so strange.

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