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Thread: Short circuit on Asus Crosshair V motherboards due to EK-FB water-block

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    Short circuit on Asus Crosshair V motherboards due to EK-FB water-block

    Hello friends, I do not know that how many have got this problem, but I am getting it. To start computer you have to remove EK water-block or EK's "workaround" which is been used inside your computer. I think that this is very much know problem with EK-MB water-block, if anyone is thinking to use then let me tell you that it will be creating short circuits on Asus Crosshair V motherboards. I believe that it is happening due to copper base shorting the SMD elements surrounding the northbridge chip. I have seen this problem now and earlier I was not at all aware of it and also there is no instruction about it. When this problem has occurred then I have done checking of the system but there was nothing which can make it proper. So just order new board for my system and also like to tell that when I was visiting EKWB’s official site to get a new heat tape by which I can mount it on new board then also I was able to found this problem listed over there, even there was solution to solve that just use scotch tape over the SMD elements. But one more thing which I have found shocking was that, specification for it was been changed. When looking on those specifications I will be not using scotch tape and totally wasted my money for it. Removed water-block, there were plenty of tiny burns in the copper from electrical arcing, once it was removed then computer start working. I was very much surprised that EKWB is not ready to agree that there was problem in their product. I do think that there is any clue such that under the clamping pressure and thermal stress that this will be a long term solution. Now have to order a new water-block for computer. Just wanted to share this thing with you all so that no one get problem with water-block. Thank you.

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    Re: Short circuit on Asus Crosshair V motherboards due to EK-FB water-block

    It is totally correct and I do agree with you, it appears to be that EK has given you cooling solution if the one you purchased was shorting out the northbridge. I was suggest that you better send a email to EK and list out problem you have to faced with it, I think that people are not at all aware of this problem. The solution which they are giving out is just to cool down the frames which are coming from it and I do agree that Scotch Tape is not a long term solution to anything, if you planning for new water-block then it might be possibility that it can worked as a temporary solution for period of time. One thing which I have noticed it is that EKWB does not care or look at customer service how Intel or EVGA or Danger Den does it. But it is having some of unique and attractive products, for which it is very much famous. I also think that it is hard to place value on good customer service till time something goes wrong.

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    Re: Short circuit on Asus Crosshair V motherboards due to EK-FB water-block

    I would also like to contribute that if there is someone who is having problem with it then it is not at all worth to go out and spend some of cash just to make it fix. If they then also found solution for it then it will be not working for longer time. I was having same problem and did contact with EKWB and did a complaint about the problem I am having it. I have received an email from one of EKWB representative and they have stated that they are trying to intermediate to get my money back. If you people check out this email then it appears that EKWB is not concerned with problem user is having it and just telling each everyone to use Scotch Tape for solution. But this problem is not having with many, so due to which they are not working on it to fix it. They have done some of changes in their designs also.

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