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Old 29-03-2012
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: India
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Advice for new build with Intel ATX mobo and processor

Hey all,

I need some advice with a new build. I have to buy a new PC because my old one died in February.

I mainly need advice for the motherboard and the processor, for the new build.

My work on PC involves surfing the internet, watching movies, listening music. Also, occasionally, I would convert videos from one format to another.. or, for iPod, or, my Android phone. So, would prefer a build which would be able to do that nice and fast.

Also, I am a software programmer, and just learned .NET, so I would also run Visual Studio and other such programming tools.

So, please suggest something which will suit my needs well, and will be of a reasonable price which I can afford.

I look for a build which will be for a long run, and I won't have to upgrade it for some years. It should be reliable with a good performance. Also, my PC remains on throughout most of the day, shutting down only at night. Thought I would mention it, in case it matters.

I did some searching by myself, and rounded my results to three ATX motherboards from Intel. I like ATX mobos because more devices can be connected to them... I like to be able to connect a number of hard drives, for example. Also, ATX mobos offer more expandability... therefore too, I want to go for ATX motherboards.

So, these are the Intel ATX motherboards that I have rounded off... ATX being the preference. I have not chosen motherboards which were marked as EOS, or EOIS.

Intel Desktop Board DZ68BC : http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/...rd-dz68bc.html

Intel Desktop Board DZ68DB : http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/...rd-dz68db.html

Intel Desktop Board DH67CL : http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/...rd-dh67cl.html

DH67CL seems to be on the low end side, and is coming quite cheap too. So, will it be OK for my needs, or should I go for any of the other two boards?

If there are any other ATX Intel motherboards that will suit my needs, please tell.

For the processor... I wanted to go for i7, but it's quite costly.
I think i5 will be quite good for my needs?
Can i3 be considered for my needs? If yes, then it would be great, as it would really help me with the price.

But, as I said earlier, I want a PC for which I would not need to upgrade for some years, and will also be reliable, and give me good performance. For that, I am willing to go for higher price parts. But, if what I want can be got for a lower price, I would be very happy.

So, if i3 would be sufficient, then please tell so. If not, then please suggest a suitable i5 processor which would be great for my needs, and will be compatible with the above boards.

I am not a gamer, so, I don't think I have a need for a graphics card... so a processor with in-built graphics would be great. I think I might have narrowed down motherboards keeping that point in mind too. I hope I do not need an extra graphics card, do I? In my previous build, I didn't had an external graphics card, and I never felt the need for one, except when maybe watching movies of high end graphics nowadays. But, I think with the newest motherboards and processors, I still won't need one?

i5-2500K seems good, but it's price is a bit high. If some other i5 processor can meet my needs, quite good... otherwise, if i5-2500K would be the best bet, then I am willing to go for that too.

For RAM, Corsair 2 GB DDR3 would be good?

For HDD, I might go for Western Digital 500 GB Caviar Blue maybe. I haven't had good experience with Seagate lately, so I wanna avoid it. But if, the recent Seagate drives are reliable, please suggest me a good one.

As for the power supply, how much watt would be sufficient? I might go for a CoolerMaster, or Corsair.

Also, I wanted to ask about router too. Can I ask here? I might not buy it with the PC, in case I do not have the budget for it... but if I can get advice on that too, would be good. Just want to connect my PC, and my Android phone with it. Android phone also for browsing mainly, and downloading software.. no heavy stuff. So, basically I wanted a single band router with WPA security, and 802.11n with a fairly good range.

I think that would be it.

Also, if anyone knows a good shop for purchasing these parts in Indore, India, please do tell. Would be grateful.

Any tips when I go to buy the new PC, like only going for boxed mobo, or
processor, and the likes.

Thanks in advance
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Old 30-03-2012
Join Date: Sep 2005
Posts: 1,466
Re: Advice for new build with Intel ATX mobo and processor

You havent mentioned your budget, but since you have already mentioned that you would like to go for the DH67CL model version, we will consider its price range typos. This motherboard has Intel LGA 1155 socket type, so an i5 core would be sufficient to run on it. And, you will definitely need a graphics card as well because, for converting videos, you need graphics support to get good quality videos and all. What is your total budget for this build anyways?
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Old 30-03-2012
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: India
Posts: 51
Re: Advice for new build with Intel ATX mobo and processor

Well, I had hoped that I would get a new PC in under 20,000/- ... that was what it was when I had inquired for a new build for someone, a few months ago. That time the quotation was for i3 and compatible motherboard. But, now when I inquired for my desired build with the mentioned parts, its costing around 30,000/- to 35,000/-

As I have said, I want a good build which should not need to upgrade for long, and will be reliable, and good performance wise. So, if I have to spend a bit, then I will. However, if what I need can come for a less price, it would really be good. So, I am somewhat looking for a balance.

I had not meant that I wanted to go for DH67CL... I meant will it be good enough for my needs? If it would be good enough, then I will go for it. But, according to what I desire, if I should go for any of the other two boards, then I will go for them.

Also, the shop I inquired from, told me that he did not have DZ68DB, and also that Intel was not shipping that motherboard. Is that true?

Erm, graphics card is required for converting videos? I think not. Because I have successfully converted videos on my earlier PC, and also with other PCs without a graphics card, and never had any problem.

Thanks for the reply
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Old 01-04-2012
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: India
Posts: 51
So can I get any help with my query please?

Also, is there any good reliable Indian site to purchase the parts. Or, a good site to know the latest prices of computer parts?
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