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Thread: Does Phenom processor stock fans make LOUD noise?

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    Does Phenom processor stock fans make LOUD noise?

    I assemble my pc with AMD phenom x4 955 .Fans are so noisy it sounds like airplane engine while I am playing game. I am able to hear more sound of fan than the sound from the games. tartan my CPU and the and everything was in perfect order. Cool and quiet was also enabled. Nevertheless it still sounds loud while gaming. Many People has complained about this trouble. Do I need to buy a cooler? I barely had some cash I canít afford to buy another fan.

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    Re: Does Phenom processor stock fans make LOUD noise?

    AMD Cooler has thermal Sensor on the fan. When CPU temperatures amplify, the sensor boosts the fan. So their sounds like jet engine, CPU temperature amplify.

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    Re: Does Phenom processor stock fans make LOUD noise?

    Let me know which graphic card youíre using. Normally GPU FAN makes too much noise. However my CPU fan also got bit louder. My friend told me that this fan makes too much noise like jet engine. Itís loud enough to wake anyone from sleep. My experience shows that CPU fan become loud after some time. My friend has core2duo and itís very noisy.

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    Re: Does Phenom processor stock fans make LOUD noise?

    That fan is spinning fast for a cause. Your friend perhaps has lower ambient temperatures or much improved case cooling. I will be capable to attest to the fact that stock AMD coolers can be pretty silence in a well ventilated, non-over clocked system.

    In case this helps, a number of motherboards have fan profiles in the BIOS that can be set. Try to look on motherboard For ďSilent", "Optimal", and "Performance" settings. Just look at the temperatures to make convinced yours is not set too low. Also, make certain you are using the appropriate CPU fan header on the motherboard.

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    Re: Does Phenom processor stock fans make LOUD noise?

    Your stock fan should be running at 4000 rpm thatís why it is loud. Go back to bios and turn on SMART FAN. It will lower the fan speed when the CPU is cooling sufficient. Cool and quiet only affect CPU not the fan.

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