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Thread: Discussion about the processor/cpu speed.

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    Discussion about the processor/cpu speed.

    Recently I bought new laptop. I have graphic card but the problem is When The laptop detects my card, but i can't choose it. I used system restore option for that but nothing happened . I also unplug the graphic card and then connect it, after that nothing happened the problem is not solved. am i doing wrong ? How can i control them to a condition when the nvidia is the default one .. ? thanks ..

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    Re: Discussion about the processor/cpu speed.

    I presently idea of somewhat, is device manager presentation standard vga as the card functioning? If so then that is your GT525m but thatís how it proves when the driver is not functioning.
    Plus in the earlier period when you bought a laptop with a ati or nvidia card they did not approach with onboard video presently the add in card your prepared. So there is somewhat mistaken with the driver install, have you used [control manager] add remove programs to remove the drivers for nvidia and then erase all nvidia files with (ccleaner) and then install your nvidia drivers.
    as well try this: right click the icon on my computer -> click properties -> click advanced system settings ->select hardware and select device installation settings -> select no let me choose what to do then select not at all install driver software from windows. Do these after you put out of action the onboard graphics?

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    Re: Discussion about the processor/cpu speed.

    Have you get in touch with Dell? have you attempt the nvidia driver from web-site from dell's as some users on these forums say that alienware and dell have to have drivers from them but i oppose as i have an laptop (m9750) alienware with a nvidia (8700m)gt and from day one i have always gotten my drivers from nvidia but in the case of my laptop does not contain any extra onboard graphics except the 8700m gt

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    Re: Discussion about the processor/cpu speed.

    I really don't make out why Dell would send it to you with the graphics which is onboard as default when you already have an Nvidia card.
    Anyways please reboot your system and after that enter the BIOS and then disable the onboard graphics

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    Re: Discussion about the processor/cpu speed.

    As considering my opinion ,,seeing as it is a onboard graphics card in Intel then i am hundred percent positive there is a method to disable it in the bios, perhaps the dell technology can tell you wherever to go in the bios but it should be devices which is onboard devices or under hardware or something worded like that.

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