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Thread: How to tattoo my motherboard

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    How to tattoo my motherboard

    Iíve had one of the most confusing error messages today. my query was about to modify BID and change the preinstalled OS. When I try to do this task by using an tech support team then they said me to do tattoo on this motherboard. I am aware that the replacement board must be tattooed. Can anybody help me to fix this issue? Thanks for any help.

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    Re: How to tattoo my motherboard

    I saw that when i was looking and no suppose it or not I donít think that would be applicable. I am responsive that the replacement board has to be tattooed. I cleverness sure that you will not be able to use your recovery HP disks with the motherboard you purchased unless it is accurately the same as the unique motherboard. OEM recovery disks are for one particular make and model only. Then I just try a different things, it could be coincidental that it's stopped working. This will be work on my system.

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    Re: How to tattoo my motherboard

    My guess is that you changed the key ingredient (motherboard) and at the present HP software believes it is a completely new system. In that case, you need to change the key ingredient into its original position. Try this and see what happen onto it.

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    Re: How to tattoo my motherboard

    For solving your problem you need to follow the below process:
    • Turn on the system; insert the 1st Recovery CD into the CD drive. Then turn off this system.
    • Turn it on and push the ESC key continually until you perceive the boot options menu.
    • If you have additional option, select the correct CD to boot.
    • When the recovery CD is prompts for the type of recovery to do. Then select the Ctrl and Backspace keys at the similar time.

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