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Thread: MSI R6850 cyclone idling at 1100

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    MSI R6850 cyclone idling at 1100

    I have a MSI R6850 Cyclone PE and instated the latest edge drivers off the MSI online presence (8.796). The situation I have is that the card is supposed to have 3 ticker profiles, and thus sit still at 300/150. BUT the memory is sitting out of gear at 1100 (what it need to be at stack) and not 150MHZ. could any individual sparkle any light on this situation for me satisfy?

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    Re: MSI R6850 cyclone idling at 1100

    Following messing around searching for a purpose, I revealed something. Since I disable my second screen (be it in windows desktop boss or reactant) and unequivocally have a solitary screen the times unmoving at 100/150. This happens paying little respect to the screens (which are connected to both dvi inputs.

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    Re: MSI R6850 cyclone idling at 1100

    Have you attempted downloading the drivers from AMD drive page? I have found that some of the produces have a tendency to tinker with the drivers and break them. The card you have makes a point not to seem, by all accounts, to be one that the production modified, I would be able to be wrong however. The channel underneath will take you to the AMD driver page depending on if you feel the need to give them an attempt.

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