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Thread: What are the benefit of supercharger on msi P67A-G43 B3

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    What are the benefit of supercharger on msi P67A-G43 B3

    I was just looking for new motherboard models on the web and found MSI P67A-G43 B3. This board really looks amazing. I had seen one thing which is quiet different. This board has some super charger feature. What does this feature do. This is something unique I had seen for the first time. The specification says that this feature will help portable devices to work better.

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    Many of us are charging our mobile phone by connecting to your pc through usb port. And when you shutdown there is no charge. So this feature is designed to charge your phone through pc even when it is turned off. You connect the mobile and leave it aside. You can also charge through usb hub. A bit of beneficial thing for many. This feature will get common in many boards in the coming time.

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    Supercharger is not a great thing. I am expecting a bit more durability. I lost my board recently due to moisture. A very tiny circuit just burned up and the system failed to boot. I am not able to do anything here. The board manufacturer must design boards that should have more durable output. They must be able to handle heat, dust and moisture. Or else spending such a high amount on gaming system is not worth.

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