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Thread: overheating MSI P67A-C45 Chipset

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    overheating MSI P67A-C45 Chipset

    my problem is whenever I run some graphic benchmarks the temperature raises upto 90°c and over. After that I stooped all my graphic benchmarks And when I checked it by touching to the metal cooler with the help of figures on it. It gets very hot . apart from this my system don’t gets so hot every time . CPU temperature stay at 50°c and GPU temperature at 65°c . I checked the temperatures with the help of SpeedFan and CPUID Hardware Monitor tools. The declare value over there is Temp2 for Speed Fan and TMPIN1 for HW Monitor. I know my motherboard can damage anytime please help ..??

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    re: overheating MSI P67A-C45 Chipset

    try this test I think this may help you out it seems that your heatsink is not having the capacity to cool down in to your system. Do a squash your heatsink with a rounded thing use only insulted object at the same time of executing the graphic benchmarks and check it if temperature fall. then your heatsink do not have less power to cool the temperature. This is as extreme as I have checked and not provided details about these board,

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    re: overheating MSI P67A-C45 Chipset

    according to me this kind of problem only occurs with the VGA cards they actually occupy two slots same as the geforce gtx 560. and if i will go and take the out the heatsink and will pertain my own thermal stick, then I will definitely going to break guarantee…

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    re: overheating MSI P67A-C45 Chipset

    I want to know that the boards along the warm PCH chip latest ones with the B3 stepping P67? The evoke of the P67 need to do something through a transistor running at 7 times rated control into the PCH chip.I have not got my fresh board, and I have detect the PCH running pretty warmer than than what I want exactly. Actually the chip must have scatter 6 watts, so the heat sink will be be extra than enough. I am executing a PalitGeForce450 GTS Sonic and it includes nearly all of the PCH building it almost impractical to have fan onto it. If it also becoming warm with the latest B3 stepping motherboard, I will try to draw a small channel to let the hot air to come out. Actually the PCH supposed to not to run so hot then CPU.

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    re: overheating MSI P67A-C45 Chipset

    Re To insert to the figures, I got a MSI C43 system {P183 case, msi geforce 560ti, hyper212 cooler } actually It is fine for air passing and operation with the temperature issues along the chip too.
    My normally temperatures are 31 C CPU , 31C GPU , 45 C chipset.
    •Furmark temperature are 42 C CPU , 70C GPU , 110 C chipset.
    •The chipset is frequently very hotter as compare to surrounding region. It possibly do not assist that the chipset is getting drive by the GPU, throughout outlining the motherboard. I am able to poorer the standard temperature of the chipset to approximately 95 degree C by rising the rate of the case fans, as a result it lead to increase lots of noise within the CPU. But the very sad part that the chipset within the system is only having the temperature problem…

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    Re: overheating MSI P67A-C45 Chipset

    According to me the problem is with the analysis the temperature I think it may not be showing the correct values by some Windows utilities due to some malfunctions . it is suspicious that your motherboard is at the limit of a meltdown except ongoing will increased above 107 degree C.

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