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Thread: Latest Marvell Gigabyte Motherboard 9128 Drivers

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    Latest Marvell Gigabyte Motherboard 9128 Drivers

    I want to know any person using the latest 1051 drivers among the latest firmware. According to me the firmware is going to launch on Nov. and even the driver is going to launch by January .and I want to know about the C300 firmware 006 significance the problem ?

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    Re: Latest Marvell Gigabyte Motherboard 9128 Drivers

    I recently purchase Gigabyte motherboards and the motherboard comes built-in SATA 6G with it through Marvell 9128 controller. Gigabyte is yet marketing the 4x performance by the use with a RAID0 into the Marvell controller in compare to the Intel SATA 3G controller. and it made me to pay additional amount for motherboard with the SATA 6G controller. I want my motherboard to use latest drivers for hard drives for the upcoming use. If the Gigabyte would given up the SATA 6G controller to effort then. It might also happen that the reason why I am unable to use the latest SATA 6G ports to run with my motherboard is because I did not choose the Turbo SATA into the BIOS.

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    Re: Latest Marvell Gigabyte Motherboard 9128 Drivers

    I checked with the short over from the Marvell from the first port onto ICH10R and executed a pair of benchmarks. apparently it is not as much of perfect conditions for the benchmarking. With simply shifting it from first controller to the second, you will able to find the routine variation, And with the ICH10R I can have each and every paging file and temp files on my hard disk. earlier with the Marvell I got all a split RAID0 array.

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    Re: Latest Marvell Gigabyte Motherboard 9128 Drivers

    I got a driver CD along with my motherboard , the problem with this compact disc I am not able to install a single driver for the Marvell 9128. Rather it permit the generic MS ACHI driver installation, along with the virtual calm driver and as the previous version of the Marvell Raid Console. Driver is actually on the compact disc it does not installs via using the setup method
    and even I have downloaded the newest driver, then also it does not contains a single driver for Marvell 9128. Also there is a latest version of the MRU ( also I am facing this kind of problem.

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    Re: Latest Marvell Gigabyte Motherboard 9128 Drivers

    The Marvell 1.31 drivers seems to pass TRIM, i did not check the performance stays great with the Marvell controller. and about the performance among Marvell and ICH10R. I got both are near to same, but for some reason the Marvell is quicker, and for rest of ICH10R is a little faster.

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