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Thread: Advantages of 2nd generation Intel processors

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    Advantages of 2nd generation Intel processors

    I have found some threads over here discussing about the latest Intel processors. Why are they being called as 2nd generation Intel processor. I know that there are some benefits, as everyoneís talking abot it. In simple language, I want to know all the benefits of these Intel processors. I am sure that you people will provide me some points soon. It would be helpful for me, if you tell me any differences from the 1st generation of Intel processors.

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    Re: Advantages of 2nd generation Intel processors

    Earlier Intel had introduced Core i3, Core i5 and i7 processors. These are basically low-range to high-range processors for the market and differ in costs and features. These were originally the 1st generation processors. The 2nd generation processors were announced this year as a replacement for these processors. These are basically the same 3 core processors in terms of costs and range of applications but 2nd generation has improved the quality and features from 1st generation greatly.

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    Re: Advantages of 2nd generation Intel processors

    I donít know if this 2nd generation is a marketing gimmick just to attract customers. It seems there is no way to tell difference from "1st generation" and the "2nd generation": the model numbers and stats for both of them are identical. So, I donít understand if there is a difference between these two processors and we know what processor we have got is the 2nd one or the 1st one. So, according to my view there are not much benefits of the 2nd generation processors.

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    Re: Advantages of 2nd generation Intel processors

    There is a difference in the model numbers of the two types of processors, for you to distinguish between them actually. If the name of the CPU starts with "2" then it's the 2nd generation one. Also, since Intel has replaced their first gen. with these CPUs they have done that because they have put in many improvements than the first one into it. It has better performance and has resolved many of the bugs. The model number i3-2540M means itís a core i3 2nd gen CPU. Just check in the official site where you can compare the features of both the processors and see for yourself the benefits.

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    Re: Advantages of 2nd generation Intel processors

    The 2nd generation has higher graphics frequency the graphics has been integrated in the same die as the processor core. It also has higher Max Turbo Frequency and faster memory bandwidth. It is also compatible with faster DDR3 RAM. The other important feature is Intel anti-theft and features like the AVX instructions and turbo 2.0. So, it is better than the 1st generation and perfect for the high-end graphics and memory requirements that are required in todayís life.

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