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Thread: It is necessary to have a memory heatsink

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    It is necessary to have a memory heatsink

    I am making the HTPC and the RAM I am using is the Corsair Vengeance. Because of case restrictions the heatsink on top of one of the RAM sticks out extra and gets within the way of the Bluray player. Taking out the heatsink (which looks similar to a hair comb!) leaves just sufficient authorization but leaves the silicon chips totally exposed. Is this secure to do? I will not be overclocking something and there is ample of air cooling within the case. Is this protected or is it the problem?

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    Re: It is necessary to have a memory heatsink

    In many of the cases RAM heatsinks are completely ineffective, and in others only decrease RAM temperature by only 1 - 3 degrees. I would say you will be completely fine even if you extract the heatsink, given that you can perform it devoid of damaging the RAM module. If u r worried regarding heat, get what FX5200 said, otherwise just place a little fan there to blow over and you must b good to go. This is the only suggestion that I can give you and hope that this will help you.

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    Re: It is necessary to have a memory heatsink

    IMO are mostly Bling only to help sell the article, although most of memory performance has some sort of heat sink more. My OCZ Reaper has some pretty big heat sink assemblies, but I arrived and I felt them during use and they are downright cool to the touch. I do not make any purchase decision based on the lack of heat sinks. I'll most likely end up buying a few cheap aftermarket heatsink to be secure.

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    Re: It is necessary to have a memory heatsink

    I just got a cold thermaltake ock, and now I drop the ram heat are hard against the top of the fridge. The ram I'm looking at getting no heat sink at all and still be run until 1600. At the time that have g-skill trident, absolutely massive heat sinks that are more or less useless as a shit what I read. He sinks the factory heat tend to be a sign of low quality memory but not quite, as it nullifies the warranty, and is not as difficult to break the welds of the RAM chips.

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    Re: It is necessary to have a memory heatsink

    If we talk about the Server RAM then I would like to tell you that it never comes through any type of heat spreaders. It is most likely not essential if your case has superior airflow. Very factual but, servers aren't running PC1066 at above JEDEC voltages. As I said, it's a personal preference but a $5 fan may do wonders over the long term. You require superior airflow. Genuine ram heatsinks are not required unless you're performing extreme overclocking.

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