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Thread: MSI K9VGM-V Bios flashed

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    MSI K9VGM-V Bios flashed

    My one of the friend is having one doubt regarding his MSI K9VGM-V motherboard. Some one advice his to update the BIOS and he flashed it to 1.8 from 1.6. Now the problem he now says that his motherboard bios is 1.8 but the twist is that his DMI BIOS is 1.6! Now he want to upgrade his computer and want to adopt the Athlon X2 5050e. So what should be done in this case. Please someone suggest. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: MSI K9VGM-V Bios flashed

    Hello it seems a strange problem and I bet that he has not flashed the bios properly. Now Do one thing if you have proper knowledge then you can just flash it again. To check whether he has done it proper or not check the POST screen and have a look at the version of the BIOS over there. I bet it would be 1.8. Because the post screen bios is always right. Tell him not to take such a risk after the up gradation in future.

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    Re: MSI K9VGM-V Bios flashed

    You can do one thing now run a tool which extracts the information about the pc and leaves the file on to your desktop. And you will come to know about the BIOS version. You will find such type of tools on the internet for free for your motherboard series. But you should be careful while downloading the BIOS in future especially the version of it and you should only do it from trusted web sites and not from any where else.

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    Re: MSI K9VGM-V Bios flashed

    Ok leave all the things and do the following things.
    1. get the MSIHQ bios flashing tool. You will find it on the internet, download it.
    2. Start the tool you have downloaded.
    3. After completion check the post screen and bios version should be 1.8
    4. Run the utility once again and one report will be generated which will give you perfect detail

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    Re: MSI K9VGM-V Bios flashed

    Wow thanks to all of you who have replied to me and I am very happy regarding the same. I just followed the instructions given over here and also found some on the net and finally it was done for us. Now he can upgrade the system without taking any tension. Thanks to all who have given reply to us. Now he has promised me that he will not take any chances now with his system. Once again thanks to all.

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