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Thread: Machine get froze while using Control Center useage

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    Machine get froze while using Control Center useage

    I have a P67A-GD65 (B3) with an i7-2600K, 16 GB of memory, video card with model GTX 560 and a SSD as my main unit. I am using Windows 7 x64. Control Center version is 2.1.012. I went into the UEFI and made sure all settings are default. CC I can shoot well but if I click on any of the profiles of "cool", "Default", "Movie" or "Game." My system crashes. Cannot even use Ctrl + Alt + Delete. I have to hit the reset button on my case. Beyond that, everything works fine. I used the OC Genie button on the motherboard and brought to 4.2 GHz, ran smooth as silk and the temperature never broke 60C.

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    Re: Machine get froze while using Control Center useage

    I have the same problem, it is with CC, but MSI has been little or no help in relation to the subject. There have been other posts a bit about this, but seem to have disappeared. Most responses were to uninstall them just CC and do the BIOS overclocking. I noticed on my P55-GD65 these profiles accustomed voltages and fan speeds and a couple of things and I guess just do not like SB. Hopefully MSI recognizes this problem fairly quickly and get it fixed, until then I would try to avoid clicking on them.

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    Re: Machine get froze while using Control Center useage

    You have saved settings as well, only problem I have is if you are packaging this software with their products that should work. That has sent several tickets, 5 at last count, with each update of the BIOS and still not fixed. Plain and simple should not have to "work" with something that is supposed to be a click and you're done. I think you must try this and I hope this work out for you.

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    Re: Machine get froze while using Control Center useage

    Hey buddy well I donít have much idea about his but I think you must contact MIS support. I am not sure whether other people will be able to solve your problem but I think MSI will and for sure. You can visit to MSI website search on the internet or you can go to their support center. They will test it and if the problem still persists then they will replace it with a new one. So you can contact them and try it.

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    Re: Machine get froze while using Control Center useage

    Are you able to launch cc? Just check it out. Also check whether it is running smoothly or not. Also try to use OC Genie button which is on the motherboard and take it to 4.2 GHz. Now see whether it is working smoothly or not. Also keep in mind that the temperature is normal and not very high. You can try all these things and I hope that this solves your problem. If you have any more doubts you can contact me here.

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