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Thread: Trinergy motherboad doesn't boot, doesn't display devices

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    Trinergy motherboad doesn't boot, doesn't display devices

    Hi, I have a trinergy motherboard, which was working perfectly, but since last week I am having too many problem regarding that, as I am not able to boot the windows, my configuration includes Corsair 1600mhz ddr3 4gb RAM and 700 W PSU, but not getting the exact idea about the problem specification. Thus need some advice, what shall I do next in order to boot the machine, any help would be appreciated.

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    re: Trinergy motherboad doesn't boot, doesn't display devices

    Hello, there might to too many problem regarding such a problem, as first of all I would suggest you that you should make sure that the hardware that you have attached to the motherboard works perfectly, because any hardware fault can cause this problem, but In fact I am little bit confused though whatever you have mentioned, I am not getting, that you are having the problem in starting the windows only, or youíre unable to start the whole machine.

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    re: Trinergy motherboad doesn't boot, doesn't display devices

    Yeah the same one as the above use, if your machine is not getting started that absolutely the problem is in you hardware only, as it is not getting power from the SMPS, you should try to power it up through another PSU, and if suppose you got that the PSU is the problem, I would suggest you that you should buy a proper PSU, because it is very vital part in the machine, thatís great as you havenít faced any hardware cause, but due to that it can lead to damage other hardware also.

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    re: Trinergy motherboad doesn't boot, doesn't display devices

    Hey I would you should try to check whether your motherboard is working perfectly or not, because it is the main circuit through which the whole system get the actual power, and if that is damage than you wonít be able to start the machine in fact, otherwise you should make sure that the HDD is working perfectly, because the Operating system loads from there only, and this sometimes happens like due to the power fluctuation the HDD gets crashed, I would recommend you that check all the possibility regarding the hardware.

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    re: Trinergy motherboad doesn't boot, doesn't display devices

    Are you using any graphic card or some other card such as TV tuner card or something like that? if yes then I would like to suggest you that detach all that additional card from the motherboard and then start the machine, and if it gets started, the it might be possible that you have some problem in the graphic card itself, or due to their respective drivers, thus its always best to start with the software, if you got the PC started, install the new drivers first and then attach the card and reboot it, I hope this would work.

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    Re: Trinergy motherboad doesn't boot, doesn't display devices

    I would suggest you to that you should try to test the motherboard first outside the case, because it is the only board that gives the actual current and the instruction to work to other devices, and if you got some damage in that, you should visit their service center as they would possibly replace the hardware if it is not possible to repair it, any of the service youíll surely get. Or if you have the exceed the warranty period, then you have to some amount to them, I am not very much sure about the amount but off course it would be lesser than technicians who do the same outside.

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