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Thread: Unable to verify DMI on GA-MA790X-DS4.

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    Unable to verify DMI on GA-MA790X-DS4.

    My father has purposed a desktop computer for me. I enjoy too much with compuyter because it’s speed is amazing. I like to work on this computer. It’s configuration is good. I have installed in this computer windows 7. And also some important application. But I have a problem with this computer. I use GA-MA790X-DS4 motherboard. When I start the computer then it stops on the boot at verifying the DMI pool data. Then after I have tried to upgrade or downgrade the BIOS with the help DMI data checked and unchecked. Anyone knows right solution of this problem.

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    Re: Unable to verify DMI on GA-MA790X-DS4.

    Hi, I want to tell you about the solution of this problem. It should illustrate the checking DMI Data but shift very fast on earlier period that as it boots. You could attempt a complete clear of the CMOS. Then after you will follow these instructions:

    1. First of all you will remove the power cable from the mains power supply and then push the power button for a few seconds now to drain any leftover energy in the PSU capacitors.
    2. And then eliminate the motherboard battery for 1 hour before changing it.
    3. Then after plug back into the core supply and boot.
    4. You will now want to go into the BIOS by pushing DEL and sets Optimized BIOS Defaults.
    5. And finally you will press f10 for saving the settings.

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    Re: Unable to verify DMI on GA-MA790X-DS4.

    Yes, as I said, trying to speed up the CPU block results manually. The system does not hang while still in utilize, but refuses to restart after a reboot or shutdown. It will not start again until I get into the BIOS and "leisurely down" CPU at 2.2 GHz. The new motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-MA790X-DS4; with a current update BIOS flash to most recent version available on the Gigabyte website. And also you should follow the above post instructions. Then I am confident your problem will be solved.

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    Re: Unable to verify DMI on GA-MA790X-DS4.

    I also tried this followed your rules, but with the identical result as before, hangs at "Verifying DMI." When I modernized the Bios it did an upgrading DMI pool. And then it got stuck there in its place. It appears like it. Then you will see that it doesn’t find past the DMI for the next step. Could this result from a faulty NTFS partition? Just only surprise from the operating system (Windows -7) should install a SSD drive, tried some drive checks, but it gives message all disk ok. Means after doing this I solved the problem.

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    Re: Unable to verify DMI on GA-MA790X-DS4.

    Well, I have read your problem; I would like to give you a suggestion. First of all you will install new CPU and the you will set the BIOS setting after that you will try for clearing the CMOS. Then you will see there 2 pins near the battery for registring with CPU. Then you will turn off and unplug it. Then you will press on the switch for discharging. Then after you will put a jumper for a minute and then after you will remove it. After all the procedure you will restart the computer. Then after you will set the date and time in the BIOS. I hope that it will give you some help.

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