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Thread: MSI 870-g45 motherboard not able to detect SATA II

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    MSI 870-g45 motherboard not able to detect SATA II

    Hey can anyone help me out here, I have just bought a new pc 1 day before but whenever I am tering to turn on the pc it is showing me some error like unable to load Windows, I think my motherboard is not detecting HDD, I am writing my configuration below:
    Processor: AMD Phenom ii x2 550
    Ram: 4Gb Crucial 1333 DDR3
    2x2Gb G Skill 1333 DDR3
    PSU: 500 watt
    HDD: 1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM SATA II (3Gb/s)
    PS2 Keyboard
    When I boot first time it was detecting everything except HDD, then I made some changes in BIOS setting but still I am not able to solve problem can anyone help me please? Reply.

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    Re: MSI 870-g45 motherboard not able to detect SATA II

    Hey I have read your post sometime it happens, no need to worry in that case, first tell me in BIOs seting did you tried to made change from IDE to RAID for HDD, and also give HDD 1st priority while booting time I think it will solve your problem. If it is not making any change then just try to check with another SATAcable, because sometime it happens that cable play main role in booting process. Even try to connect your drive to some other system and check for some error in HDD itself. Restore default setting to BIOS and the try again, according to me your problem will resolve.

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    Re: MSI 870-g45 motherboard not able to detect SATA II

    Hello everyone even iam having the same problem, after reading this post I have tried all possible method, but I am not able to clear my problem, I have tried with another SATA cable, even I tried on my HDD on other system also, it is very strange that itís working properly on other system but not on my system. It sounds like beep beep when I start, I think it is the voice of RAM, does it possible that there must be some error on RAM, because of that system is not loading properly. Can anyone help me? Any

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    Re: MSI 870-g45 motherboard not able to detect SATA II

    Yes you are right, it can occur due to problem in RAM, because when there is problem in Ram or RAM is not detecting it sounds beep. Usually HDD donít make noise unless and until there is a problem of memory or corrupted HDD. You must check the Voltage for them, you just try to do one thing slow down the Speed of RAM and HDD power supply, and then check whether it is loading or not. When you check this donít get worry, sometime USB make beep noise in MSI motherboards. So just go for it and check fot your system.

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