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Thread: ECS K7S5A does not boot when AGP card installed

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    ECS K7S5A does not boot when AGP card installed

    At first, I wanted to upgrade my video running on to my Athlon 950 system. So I had bought a new Geforce4. After attaching it to my hardware I was unable to boot my system as it was just giving me some error beeps. I got around 8 beeps whenever I try to restart my system. I had tried changing my AGP setting from the BIOS utility but does not gave me a solution either. Can anyone help me out to fix this problem of mine or am I stuck with the PCI bus.

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    Re: ECS K7S5A does not boot when AGP card installed

    These are some solutions that you can carry out to overcome your problem:
    1. Try pressing at the back end of your AGP card as it will perfectly fit your card on the slot. This is done because there might be a case where you had not used your slot for a longer period of time.
    2. Remove the screw from your card and then try rebooting your system again without removing it as it may not be perfectly fitted when you try hard to screw it.
    3. Try updating your BIOS as it might help you in some situations with latest updates given by your vendors depends on your system and OS you are using

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    Re: ECS K7S5A does not boot when AGP card installed

    I had the same problem associated with my AGP card where I had the same bad experience of unable boot my system properly. After giving a lot of try I tried to plug my AGP card into the system. Where I just pushed my card into the slot worked without screwing it. Once it was done I just got the normal two beeps and it worked out fine for me. Whereas my AGP card installation is concern, I did not try anything hard here. My system just prompted to install the new hardware and I followed the instructions and it had automatically loaded the drivers for it. Now my system is working fine.

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    Re: ECS K7S5A does not boot when AGP card installed

    The AGP drivers are used by Windows operating system. Nowadays drivers are always included as the working version into the latest operating system versions. If you are still using Windows 95/98 then it might be the case you will need to load the drivers for it. as for now you are unable to go through the POST so loading the drivers now is not an option here. Try removing it again, push it hard inside and then try rebooting your system. Or else you can try reloading the latest update driver for your motherboard and execute it. Change the BIOS setting as required for this you can check your vendor website for support and troubleshooting it.

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