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Thread: tweak for huge amounts of RAM

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    tweak for huge amounts of RAM

    I presently installed 8gb of ram I brine up to 12 GB.. I bought this for virtualization and since it was too cheap. I was wondering if there are settings in Windows that I can do to make extra effective use of RAM that is way in excess of what I require at what time not running virtual machines. If you have any kind of better solution/suggestion then please provides me. I am very thankful to all of you for your time and appreciating your suggestion.

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    Re: tweak for huge amounts of RAM

    I thing I can provide you a very simple and better suggestion for you problem. So you have to use a ram drive for temporary file and folders and page files if you have a solid-state drive. Just to decrease wear on your solid-state drive. You can remove the page file, but for compatibility motives you may desire to keep a little one. To put it simply, is a hard drive but instead of a physical unity which uses some of the RAM in place. It is much faster, but everything in it is lost when you shut down your computer.

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    Re: tweak for huge amounts of RAM

    Defiantly do a pair of units of memory. I have a dedicated unit of 1 GB for Firefox, I have the entire the software installed on it and everything. RAMDISK Dataram is a good program and automatically loads and save images. I was thinking of doing a larger size for the temporary file and page, but right now I think 4GB is the minimum that would be used for that and I am not willing to that much yet. If I had 16 GB secure. You may allow some registry settings as "large system cache" and "disable kernel paging.

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    Re: tweak for huge amounts of RAM

    Page files are used at what time you are short on available RAM. Data currently in RAM, but not used is download the paging file to build room for additional data. Having the page file on a RAM disk means that the workstation is receiving files that are present on RAM, and, and move to a dissimilar part of RAM for storage in a try to free more RAM. Not much sense, right? I hope this information will help you to solve your confusion.

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    Re: tweak for huge amounts of RAM

    Do not forget that the software is designed specifically to write the page file, sometimes, so you should have one. And why not keep the most data storage, if you have a few to spare. This used to be also a way to avoid the limit of 4GB of RAM on Windows 32 bits. If you had 8GB say, you could do in a 4GB RAM drive and use the other 4 in the system normally, then set the paging file that is stored in a RAM Drive so when he ran out of sheep and began paging applications, there were more than paging ram that was just as fast.

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