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Thread: New Motherboard Of Gigabyte B3 6 Series

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    New Motherboard Of Gigabyte B3 6 Series

    I have been using the motherboard of Intel and have been using it since long; the motherboard is just awesome to use it with the system. But now it is that I have been planning to use the motherboard that is of Gigabyte, I just want to get the details that whether any of the series of the Gigabyte has been launched or not. I wanted to make the use of the motherboard that has been launched out newly by Gigabyte. And also I wanted a motherboard that is working out with the connection of the SATA that is being used in the computer system. Please help me out with the details of the new series that is being launched by Gigabyte.

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    Re: New Motherboard Of Gigabyte B3 6 Series

    Gigabyte announced the shipment of these motherboards for Sandy Bridge Chipset and it is being corrected with the revision of B3. To distinguish these motherboards version B2 and B3 versions and Gigabyte has done things well in it. And one month after the release of new motherboards for the Intel platform Sandy Bridge, and a bug that could affect the performance of SATA II was diagnosed in it. This has normally led to the extraction from the resellers and all motherboards for Sandy Bridge with a chipset revision B2.

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    Re: New Motherboard Of Gigabyte B3 6 Series

    Gigabyte has decided to do it right through several checkpoints that can be controlled at the purchase and after purchase to ensure that you have indeed a chipset revision B3. First Gigabyte has created a new logo for the occasion in order to visually and quickly identifies motherboard revision B3 before buying. GIGABYTE 6-Series motherboards, is said to be the newer B3 version which is having the signature at the end of the model name that can be used for the distinguish, that can be done easily between the old versions of B2 which was completely redesigned to a newer version.

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    Re: New Motherboard Of Gigabyte B3 6 Series

    You can also use B2 building chip sets that is of Intel 6 Series straight away after the learning of the error in design. But GIGABYTE users are not being affected by the suggestion of not using the Intel in the system. PCH along with the SATA port that are said to be available to help you optimize the presentation and also that can be used for the SATA. It is also that the SATA determination is being said to be the best for the system, and also the use of the easy use of software to service, GIGABYTE has released for the 6 Series SATA that can be verified for it.

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    Re: New Motherboard Of Gigabyte B3 6 Series

    Gigabyte is said to be with the changes that plays perfectly transparent about these products and you can be sure it is in the presence of a chipset revision B3. Hoping that all manufacturers follow this approach motherboard, MSI has also added such a reference B3 for its new motherboards. And also due to the multi-functionality that is being provide by it is just awesome to use along with the system that you are using.

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