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Thread: Which CPU works well on am2 Socket?

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    Which CPU works well on am2 Socket?

    My system has Asus M2N-E which is having the AM2 socket. It is having 1 GB RAM and graphic card is 4850. I am just wondering to know that if I can swap my athlon X2 4800+ by means of some fine alternative that functions on my motherboard to assist for playing games. If it can do so then this will be good enough for me and I will not be having any more expectation from it. Can you tell me that what are the possible options that I can have with that? I will appreciate each and every reply on this topic. So if you have any suggestion or any comment then please share that with us. Thank you.

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    Re: Which CPU works well on am2 Socket?

    OK, According to the information that you have given for your system, I can suggest you the AMD Athlon 64 X2 3.2 GHz Processor and I hope that this will work for you. The motherboard that you are using is too old and that is the reason that you are limited to the type of the CPU that you can use with your system. I am having doubt that if it can even support the x3 otherwise x4 core config. Anyway, you can try the above mentioned one and see if that can help you or not.

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    Re: Which CPU works well on am2 Socket?

    Adding additional RAM to your system may help you to speed up your computer. But there also I think that your CPU will limit that how fine your system holds newer games. You may see a benefit from adding RAM, but really your CPU is going to limit how well your system handles newer games. Expectantly it is sensible for you to keep money to purchase a fresh motherboard, CPU and RAM. This is just the suggestion from me and choice is yours. Increasing the RAM can also increase the processing speed of the system.

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    Re: Which CPU works well on am2 Socket?

    To make use of any of the processor, you will have to do the update to the BIOS of your system. BIOS is one of the main thing for the computer system. If you are having the outdated BIOS then also you will get the slower speed as it is expected from the processor. So if you want to try to speed up the computer with the same processor then try to update the BIOS with the latest version of it available on internet and see if that can increase the processing speed of the system. I have seen many cases where updating the BIOS raises the computer performance and I hope that this will do the same for you.

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    Re: Which CPU works well on am2 Socket?

    You can make use of just about some AMD CPU apart from for the X6 as well as 140W edition. so as to build space within the BIOS to distinguish all that excitement stuff they had to obtain free of the LAN ROM, which you might concern if you are a network admin but in support of a gaming machine not so much. I do not know the dissimilarity that Crashfree downgrade thing creates though, because Crashfree must still allow you reinstate the BIOS as of a USB, except you are actually into modding the BIOS. If you do not utilize Crashfree then you would not care in relation the downgrade and if you are not fanatical by means of packet latency then you can grip the ROM being in use of the drivers before a faster BIOS completion.

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