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Thread: i7 or i5 for Virtual Machines

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    i7 or i5 for Virtual Machines

    I thought that you might be able to answer. Here, I intend very soon to change hardware (motherboard, processor and ram). I currently work under ubuntu distro and this suits me except that some software (hungry) I use only works on Windows. That's why I have an idea of the type of material to which I should direct that everything works smoothly. The type of software I use it on windows for example sql server. Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Re: i7 or i5 for Virtual Machines

    It's too vague. A database server has no time constraint. The more you glue him a big CPU, the faster it will calculate its applications, but according to the query type and size base , even the largest multiprocessor can take 3 days to release a result.

    I doubt I will teach you anything, is to illustrate the level of the "index" that you give to define your needs.

    But I can tell you to choose a CPU board with hardware virtualization technology (thus exit the entry-level intel). Pars on 3-4GB minimum (3 or 4 depending on the type of memory controller - dual or triple channel) and increases after the estimated load. If you attribute your MSSQL to 2GB, it makes it less for your use Linux - but maybe while you bump with your Windows VM, you do not do anything beside linux accounts. Obviously, the CM depend on the kind of CPU.

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    Re: i7 or i5 for Virtual Machines

    It really depends. Applications benefit from the i7 can count on you by a single supplier. More Ram brings more and more power when multiple programs are open. Really depends on mood rather how long the computer should be in use. For scheduled to take 3-5 years and build i7 'sometime' more RAM when 4GB are not enough. If he should do 'only' 2 years, then the i5 also sufficient to 8GB and you have to just maintain it.

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    Re: i7 or i5 for Virtual Machines

    For me, the i5 fast (Web design, CS4, Java, multiple virtual machines). In everyday life, the seeds between 0-5% are busy, sometimes a lousy program creates a core, but then the others remain still unused. In return, the existing 8 GB RAM often are full. The maximum speed would have reached if I had a much cheaper C2D with a high-quality flash drive bought (Intel X25-M G2).

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    Re: i7 or i5 for Virtual Machines

    I develop software themselves, at work on a 2GB Core 2 Duo 2.13 Ghz machine and a home on a Phenom X4 3.2 Ghz with 8GB DDR3-1600 ... I see little difference between the devices. The joke is even larger projects do not need much more because they are mostly developed as individual components and then compile the final product with server farms. So its upto you to go for a processor both are almost same but to purchase the latest is a food idea.

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    Re: i7 or i5 for Virtual Machines

    I'm also a software developer and push with my white Macbook with 4GB Ram not nearly to the limits (either OS X or Windows 7), even in the office on my ancient P4 system with 2GB RAM I had no problems. As you write may be no huge programs you really should not even need an extremly powerful computer. if so then more the CPU. if something goes wrong and the program does is crazy to even be grateful but also extends the i5. I would buy 4GB i5, and upgrade if necessary ... to do what you really only need a Core2Duo but anyway.

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