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Thread: CPU clock speed setting for AMD Athlon XP Barton

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    CPU clock speed setting for AMD Athlon XP Barton

    I have a problem with the computer of my aunt, after the departure of the ex-boyfriend showed her PC "CPU settings has changed - please reset the bios (or something similar, a bit ago). After I looked into the BIOS, the settings to "Auto" I have tried to adjust the settings for this but I do not think this the right time is chosen. Now my question is what values should I set so that it can start working again? Now if you have understood what is the problem I am facing then I think that I must get a relevant solution for this problem. I will be waiting for the related reply.

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    Re: CPU clock speed setting for AMD Athlon XP Barton

    Unfortunately, it can be ascertained the exact name at the Barton CPU AFAIK only look cooler and reduce. What is definitely wrong, however, the FSB to 100Mhz. Barton should be running my memory at 133 and 166 or 200Mhz FSB. Starting from the 11 it is probably a multi-2500; 11x 166Mhz = 1833Mhz. therefore the 2800 OEM multi would be too low. So even if you try to make the FSB to 166 Mhz. This should be adjustable in the BIOS. Useful perhaps would be the exact name because Nforce2Ultra Board (FSB should pack 200) is nice, but there was for quite a series of good boards.

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    Re: CPU clock speed setting for AMD Athlon XP Barton

    Barton returns from real frequency 1833-2200 MHz. Thus, the factor can be 20 x 100 MHz FSB in BIOS is well in midfield. Obviously, yes installed DDR-400. Since the picture is rated 200 MHz, it is probably 2100 or 2200 MHz, which would thus be 21 or 22 multi- If the FSB of 200 MHz used real, that was so, then the Multi 10.5 or 11 x 200 MHz. It looks after, from which the fsb has been reduced to alternate views on the 200th then it runs with normal clock. I hope that this will let you know the cause of the problem that you are facing. If you have any other doubt then let me know. I will try to resolve that as soon as possible.

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    Re: CPU clock speed setting for AMD Athlon XP Barton

    Consequently, the FSB is changed. Very possibly it does not fit on the chip, since it does not offer 200 MHz, the FSB or on the board to be set manually with a jumper. This open case and look on the board after printing table. Once I had a 2800 the time but I had hacked multi Down FSb high bandwidth is all able to drive my DDR500 had nearly 250FSB. It would not matter if it's a XP2500 + or xp3200 + is both tolerated without increasing VCore 11x200 Mhz. So if you want to have power do FSB 200 Mhz but the FSB the PCI bus and the AGP bus.

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