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Thread: What is EVGA P67 Classified

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    What is EVGA P67 Classified

    I had just seen that there was a release from the EVGA regarding the Motherboard. The article was about the EVGA P 67 and after some days of the release of the same when I was surfing on the internet I have seen some of the new about the EVGA P67 Classified. So I just want to know if the two Motherboards are same; or in reality there is some difference between the two. Please let me have the doubt cleared. As I am planning to go for buying the new motherboard as I am planning of having the upgrade. Any help in the matter will be really appreciated.

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    Re: What is EVGA P67 Classified

    Well I really think that there is some of the difference between the two and if you really want me to be precised and if you are having the details regarding the EVGA P 67 then you can just have a cross check between the two. I have some of the specifications and the features about the EVGA P 67 CLASSIFIED. First of all it has support for the Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processor. In addition to all this it has the support for the DDR 3 RAM and then has support for the USB 3.0 ports. Well if you will see you see you can find the same things in the EVGA P 67 as well but here the performance has been really improved. I have seen that there were some issues while playing games and those issues have been over come in this classified version.

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    Re: What is EVGA P67 Classified

    Well there is some difference and hence they have the difference in the name there. I think that it will be better if we can see for the advantages and the disadvantages that this new Motherboard has. I will begin with the advantages and the disadvantages related to the sockets. With the following sockets 775/p55/x58/p67 boards and in relation to the limitations on the PCI bandwidths. If you ask for my opinion then let me tell you that in case of the P 67 I have really seen nothing negative but in addition to this I have even not seen any improvements either. But when it comes to the classified version I have seen a remarkable improvement. See for yourself and let me know if I was correct.

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    Re: What is EVGA P67 Classified

    Yes it is true and let me tell you that the new release of the classified version of the EVGA P 67 is official and has been announced by EVGA. Actually the one thing that the older I think EVGA Motherboards were missing on was Sandy Bridge. This board is designed to work with the Sandy Bridge processors. It makes use of the Intel P67 Express chipset. This Motherboard has the ability and can give a strong VRM to the Processor so that Overclocking can be enabled and that too in an enhanced manner. Hope that you can have one from here.

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    Re: What is EVGA P67 Classified

    I even think that it will be great if you can have the latest one for you. Well there is really hardly any change when the Motherboards or the hardware components are released back to back. It will be great if you can just have the latest one in your kitty. With this P67 Classified you will see that PCI-Express resources will be expanded. For this you can make use of the nForce 200 bridge chip. I think that it is the only think that this Motherboard will be missing. The CPU here is actually powered by a 12-phase VRM. One more think where I think that you can see the change is 8-pin EPS connectors; by using the 8-pin EPS connector power of 12-phase VRM can be drawn. All other things are same. I am happy that this motherboard has support for DDR3 RAM.

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