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Thread: HP Pavilion Laptop - Video Card died

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    DJPAddy_AU Guest

    HP Pavilion Laptop - Video Card died

    Hello Last Ditch effort

    I own an HP Pavillion Laptop, in pristine condition (3 years Old)
    I used!! it for Radio broadcasting, as the warrant expiry became due the Video card Died, It was repaired FOC. 3months 1 week later it died.

    On contacting Repair agent, NO warranty on repaired Componnents over 3 months, the repairer suggested on 1st repair to instal windows 7 at an agreed Price. I DID....
    Now I have a Dead Computer they wont Honor the repair And HP dont want to Know its out of Warranty
    I am told it would cost up to $700AU to repair .
    Does anyone have Ideas..

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    Re: HP Pavilion Laptop - Video Card died

    First Let me know What problem actually you are getting with the laptop of yours. So that if possible then i will provide you the working solution for same. It is not advisable to repair the laptop with the Local Repair Agent which cause more fault in same. Discuss the actual problem and model of the HP and i will help you with the same.

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    DJPAddy_AU Guest

    Re: HP Pavilion Laptop - Video Card died

    Jacek, Wow many thanks for reply, I really apreciate hearing from you. I did NOT send to Local Tech it went to Melbourne Authorised Repair Agent. They Said Video Card as I had NO opening Screen on Startup at all. The same happened 14 weeks again after Repair.
    I had only just sent the folowing to HP (AGAIN) perhaps this will assist your evaluation._______________________
    As sent to HP 7th Jan
    Re your Request Below (We need your permission) Below

    Without Prejudice

    Well 2 weeks, I didnt expect a Reply to my last re this request and I am not dissapointed...

    No But thoroughly disgusted with the Name HP

    I Thoroughly enjoyed my HP Pavillion and did reccomend HP to quite a lot in what I used it for.

    It would seem decency of a reply is on the back burner...

    I used it for Broadcasting Live Radio Programmes World Wide of Country Music Programmes, that gives me a huge ammount of contacts. (World Wide) personally and thru my Website and internet and FM Stations to which I broadcast.

    However July 2010 just before Warranty ran out The Video card died.

    I sent it as requested to Melbourne spending over $3,700 on a new Qosmio Toshiba X500 (Urgently needed)

    Whilst away the Tech recommended I buy a New Windows 7 at a Set entertaining Price, a mine was Vista, I did

    Computer back, the video card lasted 14 weeks just over what I found out to my disgust the 3 months warranty on repairs... and having spent $'s on Windows 7 Now no use to me

    That said I contacted HP and was told verbatim the same and HP could assist no further.

    As a Pensioner and doing what I do Voluntary, I am totally disgusted, my pavilion is still in Pristine condition and NOW seemingly useless, costing more to buy Windows 7 when I could have paid for local repair friends Cheaper.


    Would anyone from HP like to offer a reasonable reply of sorts perhaps with some sort of


    The Note on left side of your Request is really quite insulting considering I don't now have a working Pavilion

    Product Key: GRQR8-HXWCY-82Q42-7C7GK-7XTDX

    SN: CNF7277NTA

    PN: GS078PA#ABG

    Stewart Mc Ardle

    55 Woods Road

    Sth Windsor

    NSW 2756


    7th Jan

    DJ Paddy_AU (
    Paddys Global Indie Country

    Broadcasting to:

    (Limerick Ireland)
    Rockabilly Radio (
    88.4fm Oamaru NZ
    107.7fm NZ
    Poets Cove Vancouver Canada

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    DJPAddy_AU Guest

    Re: HP Pavilion Laptop - Video Card died

    Now 12th Jan heard Nothing from HP at all I am going to put in Hands of Omnbudman.. This is worse than Disgusting Service for such a prominent Name in Computers.

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