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Thread: Audio not working on gigabyte x58a ud3r motherboard

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    Audio not working on gigabyte x58a ud3r motherboard

    I have a gigabyte x58a-ud3r motherboard running with windows 7 as well as I had no troubles with it for a number of times. However yesterday while I turned on my PC, I received message. As well as since after that I have no sound. I want to solve this problem. I am really getting frustrated so tell me what I have to perform to resolve my problem. So please help me out. Please…. thanks in advance.

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    Re: Audio not working on gigabyte x58a ud3r motherboard

    This problem may occur because of audio driver so if you are using windows 7 then you have to fist of all press on Start then you have to right-press on Computer and after that Manage. Then choose Device Manager. After that you have to expand the Sound, video as well as game controller’s part. And then Right-press on your audio device plus choose Properties. Then open the Driver tab to vision the existing driver edition.

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    Re: Audio not working on gigabyte x58a ud3r motherboard

    If your PC has x58a ud3r motherboard audio that is at present not functioning, then you have to follow the below steps to find out or solve your audio problem. Then you have to confirm that the sound card is allowed inside CMOS. The greater part of the entire x58a ud3r sound cards are able to be enabled or disabled inside CMOS. May this will solve your issue. So try this out.

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    Re: Audio not working on gigabyte x58a ud3r motherboard

    To solve your issue you have to try this sound driver BIOS chip is incorporated into the x58a ud3r motherboard as well as initialized while the machine is turned on during the Central Processing Unit (CPU). Sometimes, the sound driver chip will not give audio throughout the onboard audio output jack, which is general by means of the chipset configuration on the x58a ud3r motherboard.

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    Re: Audio not working on gigabyte x58a ud3r motherboard

    Static sound issues are able to happen in e-Machines. This is since of the inappropriateness with the sound portal or driver module configured by means of the gigabyte x58a ud3r motherboard. If the audio sound that you are attempting to create is 48,000 kHz, attempt down sampling to 44,100 kHz plus the static be supposed to subside or purchase a PCI audio card that supports the AC97 chipset. Make sure the basic input/output system (BIOS) for the accurate audio configuration.

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    Re: Audio not working on gigabyte x58a ud3r motherboard

    If the sound WAS working then it WAS set up correctly in BIOS and BIOS should be ok.

    Best solution is possibly the device manager and Realtek drivers.
    First, check all settings in the Realtek Audio Manager, if that doesn't work then try reinstalling drivers.

    Go to:
    Control Panel - Programs and Features and remove Realtek HD Audio driver. (Also, if using NVIDIA video card remove NVIDIA HD Audio drivers.)

    Reboot into SAFE MODE and use Driversweeper to remove traces of drivers (it's free!)

    Reboot normally and install newest Realtek audio drivers. (Install Nvidia as well if using a NVIDIA card.)

    That "should" fix sound problems.

    Good luck!
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