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Thread: Can a server processor be used in a desktop PC

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    Can a server processor be used in a desktop PC

    I have been using a desktop PC mostly for gaming. My current processor is working well with most of the games. I heard that some server processors which used in some workstations are performing well on gaming and its designing as well as on some multimedia operation like graphic designing, CAD and video editing. So I am thinking about installing a server processor like opteron for my desktop PC. I have some money which could afford a server side CPU. But before that I just want to know that whether it is a good plan or not. Will going to work with desktop Pc for gaming and some smart homemade tasks?

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    Re: Can a server processor be used in a desktop PC

    I think that the processor may somewhat going to work with your computer if the motherboard and the CPU socket is compatible to hold it. But as far as the gaming concern I think it is not the best choice for a desktop PC specification. You will need a different motherboard or specs to play games with full details on. You may install games on a PC which have server processor but you may not able to play the game as it was developed for.

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    Re: Can a server processor be used in a desktop PC

    I think you can make use of a Xeon processor on a desktop PC. I accomplished it and it's a breathtaking technique to acquire pace and outstanding computing influence devoid of expenses the money lying on an i7 or Quad Core processors. You necessitate ensuring you equivalent the motherboard and RAM to the CPU. The boards commonly are further pricey except not prohibitively extra pricey. The server processor is well-matched in the midst of each and every one Microsoft OS - both desktop and server OSs.

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    Re: Can a server processor be used in a desktop PC

    The server CPUs are created especially meant for Servers. Say approximating Intel xeon otherwise amd opteron. Those are server CPUs developed only in favor of server side and are fine on behalf of not anything besides. If are operating a server then dig up either xeon or opteron depending on the compatibility of your motherboard. For daily exercise and for some gaming, get a hold of dual core. The Intel dual core e8400 is excellent and as much as necessary.

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    Re: Can a server processor be used in a desktop PC

    If you are willing to install a server processor on your desktop PC then I urge you to buy a compatible motherboard along with it. This will help you extend you networking capability in your home such as for multiplayer gamings. You can use server processor for gamings but as far as the OS side concerns I think you will get the full use of that processor with desktop version OS. If you are using Linux or UNIX as OS for your computer then you may get full advantage of server processor. If I am true, think about it.

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    Re: Can a server processor be used in a desktop PC

    Yes, you certainly can use a Xeon processor on a desktop computer. I do and it's a wonderful way to get speed and excellent computing power without spending the money on an i7 or Quad Core. You need to make sure you match the motherboard and memory to the processor. Do a search online for "motherboard and RAM for Xeon xx <your processor>".

    The boards generally are more expensive but not prohibitively more expensive. The only real issue I have is the RAM for my board is VERY expensive but I planned it that way so I'm not complaining!

    The higher end Dell Precision line of computers use the Xeon processor. Xeon processors are used for high end equipment (mainly servers) but are the processors of choice for computers used by engineers because they can handle the processing power required for the specialized software.

    The processor is compatible with all Microsoft operating systems - both desktop and server operating systems. No - you cannot "flip a few switches" to convert from a desktop OS to a server OS - there's a world of difference between the two - but that's not the topic of your question.

    If you have one - it's well worth the investment. Mine is 6 years old, never given me a single problem and still outperforms most every computer on the market today.

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