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Thread: Does intel core i3 works well with gtx 460

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    Does intel core i3 works well with gtx 460

    I am planning on purchasing an innovative videocard. So I originate this GTX 460 and I speculate if I encompass to upgrading the CPU too. I originate a benchmark by means of i3 and GTX 460 and it said by means of the intention of I determine to be capable to play Crysis in 1920x1200 by means of ~30 fps. I consideration it sounded extremely superior and I wonder if by means of the intention of is true. I have comprised a Gainward GTX 460 GLH, i3 550 working with @ 4.3Ghz, 8GB RAM and I get a solid 60 FPS at the entire times on Black Ops by means of v-sync on. Well wattage is not as applicable as brand name. If it's a superiority, brand-name (Seasonic, Corsair, Antec, etc.) PSU by means of the intention of is rated at 500 watts, you determine to encompass no tribulations powering your components and a GTX 460.

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    Re: Does intel core i3 works well with gtx 460

    My friend required to acquire me to build him an innovative gaming PC for $600-800, and he premeditated on doing it in a month or two. I was going to acquire him to grab an EVGA GTX 460 1GB, and if he required to add an additional screen afterward or immediately upgrading, purchase a second 460 to SLI. What I was wondering was, if he was to purchase an Intel i3 to go by means of it, would he be CPU incomplete at the entire. Maintaining in mind he almost certainly determine to purchase a second 460 and to be expected OC them together as far as I be able to convince him to If an i3 would not be enough, be supposed to I acquire him to chuck in excess of the extra hundred and immediately purchase an i5.

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    Re: Does intel core i3 works well with gtx 460

    The i3 is not a terrible CPU at the entire, it's an extremely clocked dual core, and most games do not profit commencing from quad core yet. At high res I uncertainty the CPU determine to bottleneck at the entire. I be able to do by means of the intention of would not be crap in a small number of years, and he be able to throw in an additional 460 in a year if they requirements additional power. I would perhaps go for an additional HDD brand similar to WD or Samsung. Seagate is tranquil a diminutive too, they tranquil have comprised to prove themselves subsequent to failing so deficiently on their .11 drives. In addition I would not charge a percentage, I would charge perhaps $100, no additional, how numerous hours does it take to build it and set it up.

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    Re: Does intel core i3 works well with gtx 460

    You do not desire to do data recovery and OS trouble shooting, etc. I immediately desire to build their comps and perhaps OC them if they desire. My plan right at the present is $100 to bring together, $100 for tweaking, applying innovative thermal paste, etc. Too numerous people might screw up their comps and then blame me. I determine to suggest most people immediately order their own parts (I determine to tranquil locate them/price them), by means of the intention of method they get their warranties, additional than I determine to order them myself if people do not care. I have comprised and had a small number of tribulations by means of the AMD/nForce boards. The Intel boards seem to run superior by means of nVidia cards, so I determine to stick by means of with the intention of so he is not continuously questioning a buggy system.

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    Re: Does intel core i3 works well with gtx 460

    So I left for my friendís v-ball game close at hand, and left my comp to do a number of folding for me. When I got back, my 460 fan sounded similar to a jet regarding to take off. Screen was blank, and would not wake up. Hard shutdown, and then as I endeavor and boot it would not position, and I got one long beep, and three short ones. Anticipating by means of the intention of it was not the mobo, I went and asked for assist. Fortunate for me he had a spare ATI card floating approximately, it posted, and most of them were capable to log into windows. For a number of unknown motivation it would not boot into ubuntu, additional than I determine to endeavor by means of a live CD later. Here's to anticipating by means of the intention of the Canada computers RMS dept be able to help me (they be supposed to be faster than EVGA) else it determine to be an EVGA RMA.

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    Re: Does intel core i3 works well with gtx 460

    I am giving the impression of being to replace my 8800 GT, the merely fixation in my system by means of the intention of is holding me back I consider. I am leaning towards a GTX 460, the Asus edition particularly. Is a redesigned, power well-organized, yet similar presentation card coming out. Determine to prices drop considerably on the GTX 460. The 460 is a attractive superior bang for the buck card as it stands. I not be able to observe too much of a price drop coming apart commencing from for sales. The ATI is coming out by means of innovative cards additional than I do not observe it having much effect on prices except perhaps on the 470-80 models. If you be able to wait for it, then do so. If not, purchase at present. I recommend the EVGA brand, exceptional customer service.

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