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Thread: Need information about Asus Rampage Extreme III

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    Need information about Asus Rampage Extreme III

    I just checked the images of Asus Rampage Extreme III in a magazine. So become more curious about that motherboard. Please tell me more information about Asus Rampage Extreme III. Specially I want to know about the power supply and other configuration presented on board. I am sure that someone hanging out there will help me. Since, you members explain with proper details, I thought to post here, instead of searching on Internet.

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    Re: Need information about Asus Rampage Extreme III

    The color scheme in the rye typical red and black combined with the latest addition to Asus with a novel design of the cooling structure that extends across the board and dominates the finish. This connects the way, VT, X58 Northbridge and ICH10R Southbridge to each other. This makes new look, much like the edges of stealth aircraft, the eyes of the beholder. The size of the board remains in width with an extended ATX form factor the same as the previous model (30.5 x 26.9 cm). The layout has designed and delivered during the test period, no problems. Directly to the X58 IOH can also go here again the cooling block. Assembled by house is a fairly flat, passive heat sink that is also preparing with sweeping tower coolers no problems.

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    Re: Need information about Asus Rampage Extreme III

    Alternatively be here soon water coolers are available that can be simply screwed. One such, still known by the Rampage Extreme, we unfortunately missed the delivery. The red-lit logo of the ROG series from Asus can not be missing, and is also embedded in the cooling construction. The processing of two-color thermal solution is the way every detail very well. If you use a water cooling system should also change to the enclosed active heat sink. The latter also fits perfectly with the sharp look and reduce the temperature significantly even when used next to an air cooler. The noise is, unfortunately, with 12 volts could certainly be called very loud and annoying. Speed information of the small wire whisk absence is not of itself. There is no control of the fan it is not, unfortunately.

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    Re: Need information about Asus Rampage Extreme III

    The power supply for the CPU takes a new look with the promising name "Extreme Engine Digi +". Behind it lies a sophisticated combination of digital and analog components. Eight stages are here to supply the CPU is available, which is also smoothed over a large FPCAP capacitor. We know these additional capacitors since the Rampage Extreme. North Bridge and memory receive three phases, which are also smoothed by capacitors. Although the base-issue in comparison with the socket 1156 completely unimportant, but it should be mentioned that the installed base is from the manufacturer solder and of course, provides full support for 6-core CPUs. In other uses Asus two different hole configurations for securing coolers. The 1366-standard measure is found along with old 775-degree on the board. Thus, old radiator still be used.

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    Re: Need information about Asus Rampage Extreme III

    In the memory banks are eligible for the triple-channel memory interface as six pieces are used. These can be equipped with up to 24 GiByte Ram (6 x 4 GiByte). Asus recommends it primarily the allocation of slots and promotes red - provided good CPU - with an "OC-guarantee" up to DDR3-2200. On the underside of the slots there is the Q-dimming feature, which requires only a clip for locking / unlocking the Rams. This is especially with large graphic cards an advantage. The expansion slots are dominated by four red PCI-Express 16x slots in current version 2.0. These are arranged in an appealing layout and offer each distance for a card in the dual-slot design. Absence of a NF200 SLI-additional chip binds the board slots, however, depending on the configuration, not with the full lane.

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