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Thread: i7-950 Vs. i7-875k

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    i7-950 Vs. i7-875k

    Actually in coming week I am planning to purchase a brand new PC so related to this I need your help. I am not able to make a decision in between an Intel i7-950 or Intel i7-875k. I acquainted with that the 875k is a 1156 socket and the 950 is a 1366 socket. I just do not identify which would be best for me. I am looking to overclock so I will probably go along with the P55 classified 200 if I obtain the 875k, but I really do not know what would be most excellent and why. Does anyone know what is better?

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    Re: i7-950 Vs. i7-875k

    I am kind of worrying myself how this will turn out. Recently I am using a 930 system and one more system is there which is 980X system and I presently ordered an 875K for a Giga P55A-UD7 I freshly obtained it. That will be my primary 1156 platform build and I am curious how it will load up against my 1366 builds. By the way, I found the 875K I planned to buy this on eBay at the price of 1200 rs shipped (new, not used), which is not much more.

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    Re: i7-950 Vs. i7-875k

    Actually the major dissimilarity is that the p55 boards are double channel. That does not completely kill the performance but will be short of in a lot of applications that need memory throughput. DDR3 has well-mannered kick to it even in dual channel, and you possibly will not at all acquainted with the dissimilarity from seat of the pants devoid of utilizing a benchmark to test. It will much come down to what you are willing to use and what you are able to obtain the parts for. But you will be able to save on purchasing dual channel for the p55 board. They will both carry out satisfactorily as they are. So this much information I know regarding this and I hope this will help you.

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    Re: i7-950 Vs. i7-875k

    I am also going through the similar type of condition and in this I will almost certainly go along with an 875k and I will check out e-bay as well. By the way when will you be getting it and if it is in a couple of days then please tell me how it works out and if you akin to it at all and what mobo would be good? Would a ASUS Maximus III P55 be good for a lower quality mobo compared to the EVGA P55 Classified 200? And in last I want to know that what is your whole build going to look like?

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    Re: i7-950 Vs. i7-875k

    Recently I have P55 FTW and I have also used the Asus Maximus Formula III, and regarding this I just want to say that they are really nice boards. IMHO, the MFIII could reach advanced (benching clocks) reason behind this is going to a single core along with a 26 Multiplier. But for the everyday utilize, thatís not very practical. Both are very good boards along with nice features; you are not able to go wrong either way.

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