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Thread: AMD Phenom II x4 9850 or Intel i7

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    AMD Phenom II x4 9850 or Intel i7

    I will be purchasing a new processor by the end of this week since I fried it last week. Please tell am which processor should I buy. I am confused between the AMD Phenom II x4 9850 or Intel i7. I would be pleased if you can provide me with some of the features and functionalities of the processor. I am not a hard core game lover but still I will prefer to buy a CPU with all those functionalities.

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    Re: AMD Phenom II x4 9850 or Intel i7

    AMD is the underdog, have been the underdogs and in the immediate future will continue to be the favorite. They just recorded their fifth quarter financial losses, and it seems that lately struggle. The latest stumbling block has been AMD came in the form of the infamous TLB erratum was instability in the load levels, this was corrected almost BIOS updates of the plate but this "quick fix" resulted in a decrease in performance 10%. AMD gave the user the option to enable or correction in the BIOS and gain stability but lose performance or maintain performance, but losing stability.

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    Re: AMD Phenom II x4 9850 or Intel i7

    The AMD Phenom is the latest series of chips that come from chip giant weaker. It was considered the only true quad-core desktop market, the Phenom series of chips is therefore something of a lifeline for AMD, which are literally drowned by the sheer massive market share that Intel has managed to recover in the last 3 years. Phenom range stumbled a bit in the beginning with the infamous TLB errata, but have come out with guns reloaded and ready to burn.

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    Re: AMD Phenom II x4 9850 or Intel i7

    Core i7 is the first Intel processor to integrate the memory controller and features, native, 4 cores in the same silicon chip. But if this situation suggests that it is a monolithic processor, it is not so: Intel Core i7, Intel has "invented" a new approach to processor, more modular. To do this, the American founder has divided its processor into two parts: Core - units of calculation - and uncore - Input / Output, the L3 cache, etc.. In so doing, it makes possible a variation of the chips easier depending on the application - public, high-end server, etc.. - By adapting parts uncore to the needs of each segment. Lego's high-flying in all.

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    Re: AMD Phenom II x4 9850 or Intel i7

    The range of AMD Phenom processors based on AMD's 65nm architecture, many complain that this is a generation architecture behind Intel's 45 nm, but this has not prevented AMD continues and the development of the Phenom range. The AMD Phenom X4 9850 Black Edition is an impressive chip (AMD's standards), with a clock speed of 2.5 GHz, 512 KB L2 cache and 2 MB L3 cache. It is based on AM2 + 65nm design and review is a chip 63. The design is based on the manufacturing process of 65 nm using the revision has already been said 83 . To test this chip to its limits we used the popular MSI vl.O KgA2 Platinum (BIOS vl.4). This advice is based on the 790FX AMD (ATI RD790) chipset and let's just say we are very impressed with the specifications of the board in relation to its price.

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    Re: AMD Phenom II x4 9850 or Intel i7

    The Intel Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition-980X is the first 32 nm processor with six physical cores and Hyper-Threading for a grand total of 12 threads of computation. This is great news as quad-core processors have been around since 2006, when Core 2 Quad series was announced in the Intel Developer Forum. In less than four years that we are taking another great leap in terms processors and would be the way to the six-core processors. As you can see from the top and bottom photos of the Core i7-980X looks almost identical to any other processor socket 1366-based computer, but inside you know you have more below the fold.

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