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Thread: How to monitor the temperature of GPU and CPU in T410

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    How to monitor the temperature of GPU and CPU in T410

    Hello to all friends, I have observed that my Lenovo T410 intel i5 core 540 of speed 2.53ghz which runs very hot when at pressure (usually when playing different games, they look like to play ok but I m worried that this maybe damaging the machine so have closed doing this). I would like to be able to experiment and monitor the temperatures of both the cpu as well as gpu and so that why i have installed the setup of tpfc.62, Although this is viewing my cpu temperature but it displays not applicable next to my gpu?. can anyone tell me how i can check my gpu temperature also?. Is there a authorized lenovo tool / Bios setting etc to this, since my cpu temperature is at 60 degreeC, while typing anything show a normal temp for lite browsing

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    Re: How to monitor the temperature of GPU and CPU in T410

    I'm not sure why the values was not showing there for gpu it must show for the setup you installed in your laptop , Did the setup you use is a zip file, if so then first unzip the file and then install. And always run the program as administrator during the installation and then did compulsory restart? Following are my temperature values on T400 (2.21GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Intel graphics) while running MS-Word 2010, internet browsing, writing this post it goes around 40 degree C At the end gpu is also showing the temp of 45 c.

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    Re: How to monitor the temperature of GPU and CPU in T410

    According to your post it look like a you have a new model of Lenovo. But TPFC does not quite supports the latest version models, it only examines the CPU temperature and nothing besides that it does not do anything of checking the gpu temperature. But It will stillcontrol fan temperature. Check out the HWMonitor as an alternative it will give the full amount of sensor information. And no, 60C while your internet browsing it don’t think a normal thing. Check out the Task Manager or Resource Monitor's CPU tab to observe if there's a escape process that's consuming 25% CPU

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    Re: How to monitor the temperature of GPU and CPU in T410

    I m not sure that if HWMonitor is eventually to be able to check up on GPU temperature though it can check the cpu temperature. It does for one of my friend home computer NVS3100M, and I cannot remember if it does for the other laptop and computers. On additional note take that HWMonitor does provide me the ATI or the GPU temperature if I create HWMonitor after changing it disconnected.

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